Sunday, 27 May 2012

More short stories on Kindle

Short story anthologies are perfect for the Kindle. You can download them for very little, pop your Kindle into your handbag and then you're never without something good to read while on the bus, waiting at the dentist's, or any other spare moment. (And one of the best things about the Kindle is that it is brilliant in bright sunshine - so perfect for reading in the garden in this glorious weather we've been having in the UK!)

Mills and Boon and womag writer Kate Hewitt (aka Katharine Swartz) has also published a short story anthologys for Kindle - Love, Laughter and Lucky Marbles is all about the funny side of falling in love and costs all of 77p so is an absolute bargain!


Maggie May said...

Wish I could get enthused about owning a Kindle. I don't like reading things on screen, be it a computer or a Kindle. Likewise I like watching TV programmes on the TV and not on the computer. I wish the whole world weren't going in this direction, but alas they are.

Lydia said...

I felt like that too, Maggie. But I bet you'd fall in love with your Kindle if you had one, like I have with mine! And Womag is right: you'll never be without something to read ever again! My own story anthology "For A Smile" has enjoyed success on Kindle, for which I'm grateful and I've bought lots of others myself, which I know I wouldn't have done without my trusty Kindle! :)
P.S. Just wanted to say thanks again, Womag, for directing people to my series of on-line how-to articles "The Short Story Tool-shed". I know lots of folk have found me because of you! :)

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Linda Gruchy said...

Maggie, I agree with Lydia. A short while after I got mine, I found myself putting it down face down to keep the page, just like I do with tree books. It's great for the final draft editing too.

See if you can borrow one for a bit.

NyNy said...

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