Wednesday, 3 October 2012

PF on FB

Really quick post to urge all those on Facebook to check out the newly launched People's Friend facebook page - here .

The first of the new look issues is out now - I haven't yet seen it though there's a picture of its cover on facebook. It looks great - really fresh.


Pat Posner said...

Yes, it's lovely, Kath. Feels 'nice and heavy' with the extra pages.

Shirley and other eds post on the FB page - they ask for comments and opinions.
Let's make it a really busy and welcoming place for the Friend's readers and writers and editors of course.

Shirley, People's Friend said...

Pat, you're like the People's Friend's own personal one-woman PR machine, banging the drum for us. But you get completely what we hope for of our Facebook page: that it should be real friendly community for Friend readers, full of buzz and chatter. Without our readers we're pointless so we always try to do our best for them, but without you writers we have empty pages. You help us give our readers what they want; what you might call a perfect partnership. A sincere thanks to you all for pitching into our Facebook site with such energy and enthusiasm and getting it off to such a brilliant start.

Laura Besley said...

Love the new design - looks very colourful!

Anonymous said...

It really is a lovely design, a nice holiday, relaxing feel about the illustration.

And - oh dear - yet another pleasant place to chat!


Laura Marcus said...

Shirley how much has the new design cost?

Could DC Thomson not have found a bit more in the kitty to pay the writers it needs so much a decent amount for their work?

I really don't think £75 is enough for even the shortest story.

Gail Crane said...

Laura (Marcus), I have to disagree. I think £75 is pretty good. And, unless PF have changed their policy, it is only a starting rate.

Also, you'd be hard pushed to find a bunch of editors who are as helpful and encouraging to new writers as those at PF.

Laura Marcus said...

We'll have to disagree on that one Gail.

Anonymous said...

Love the People's Friend and the fact that it publishes many super and sometimes very beautiful stories. I would like to support Laura Marcus in her comments though. I too feel that £75 isn't a great sum for the amount of work that goes into a short story for a well loved magazine which, I believe, is subscribed to worldwide. Maybe it would be good if magazines did try and recognise that for many writers writing is their work and income. That said I too like the new PF and am delighted that their circulation figures can match or better many other 'top' women's magazines.