Wednesday, 14 November 2012

And ANOTHER market for shorter novels!

My Weekly Pocket Novels are returning, to sit on the shelves alongside (not instead of) the new Easy Reads we were all talking about a month or two ago. This is by popular demand, it seems, so there certainly seems to be an appetite for these little books.

Sally Q's blog has all the details and the guidelines - here. It's the same email address and editor for both MW Pocket novels and Easy Reads, so if you're not sure which imprint your book suits, don't fret, send it off and let Maggie decide.


Sally Quilford said...

Cheers, Womag! I'm not sure exactly when they're coming back but I do know a friend has had hers accepted for its Christmas theme, so it won't be long.

Maggie has said that the pocket novels will be akin to the 'Caress' imprint of Easy Reads, so if anyone has anything on the gentler side of romance, do send it to her.

Antonia said...

Thank you!

Do you know whether payment is on acceptance or publication?

Sally Quilford said...

It's on acceptance, Antonia and they are very quick to pay (by the last Thursday of the month, I think).

Antonia said...

Blimey! Things have moved on some. Thanks, Sally.

Anonymous said...

Sally, I notice on the guidelines it says the pocket novel can be set "at any time from World War II onwards."

Does that mean that Maggie's not interested in historicals any more? (I've had three historical pocket novels published, two regency set novels, and one set during the Australian Gold Rush.)

I might have to look at other markets, if I cannot write a WWII story :/


Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Yay. Fab news.


Sally Quilford said...

Brigid, I'm afraid that does seem to be the case at the moment. But it might be worth dropping Maggie a line and asking her, because she may be in the market for something that's not too distantly historical.

Things are in such a flux the Easy Read/MW Pocket novel office, that I think it's always worth pitching your novel to Maggie and seeing what she says. She's a lovely lady, very approachable and friendly and I know she won't mind you asking.

On the other hand, People's Friend still take some historicals and they do like novels set in Australia, so it's worth trying them too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sally! Incidentally, just yesterday when I was in the newsagent, I did pick up a People's Friend novella that was historical, so that might be a market for me.

Thanks for your reply.


Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure but it looks like the Easy Reads list has been cancelled. I'm trying to get confirmation but I found out by accident two days ago when I looked something up on the Pocketeers blog.
I THINK My Weekly will continue with the old Pocket novels. Apparently they lost sales as the old regulars didn't like the new Easy Reads but they didn't pick up enough new readers to warrant the change. Shame they didn't give this list longer. They were so eye catching.

womagwriter said...

I thought the two imprints were to run together. I'll try to find out.

Sally Quilford said...

It's true about Easy Reads being cancelled, I'm sorry to say. I've heard it directly from Maggie this morning. But she is happy to look at novels aimed at that market for the returned Pocket Novel line. She's also especially interested in 'sweet' romance and wants to publish one of those a month.

Sally Quilford said...

Oh I should clarify, there will be two books a month, but Maggie would like one of those to be of the 'caress' variety. Just in case it sounded as if I was saying there would only be one book a month from now on.