Friday, 8 February 2013

100 Ways to Fight the Flab

Author and womag writer Jane Wenham-Jones coined the term 'writer's bottom' to describe the inexorable spread of your bum which occurs when you spend hours at your computer, writing. Unfortunately it's a hazard of our trade, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Until now, that is! Jane has written an ebook, 100 Ways to Fight the Flab - The Wannabe Guide to a Better Bottom available for just 77p from Amazon. She was kind enough to send me a review copy, and I must say it's quite brilliant - full of tips which range from the madcap: Keep your crisps in the loft so every time you want a packet you get a workout for your thighs climbing the ladder, to the eminently sensible: Identify your food weakness then find a lower-calorie substitute.

Jane shows how you can improve your bum by dieting and exercise, or just make it look smaller by wearing flattering clothes. Her exercise tips include walking a dog (any dog, borrow one if you don't have your own canine companion); buy crap baking trays so you get a workout from scrubbing them; jump up and down on the kids' trampoline (obviously ensuring you've been for a wee first if you've had lots of children...)

Tip number 23, follow the C-plan diet, had me snorting Pinot all over my Kindle. You avoid all foods beginning with the letter C (cake, cream, chocolate, crisps, chips). Jane points out this one fails if you then pig out on gateau and french fries.

I loved tip number 27 - keep a magazine in the fridge so when you go there for something to nibble on to stave off boredom, you can peruse a mag instead.

And apparently, Rioja can help you lose weight. Happy Days! To find out more, buy the book, which I heartily recommend for all writers, both big and small.

Edited 9th Feb:  Helen pointed out I have forgotten to mention Jane's writing competition connected with this book. Write a 250-word flab-fighting tip, and you could win a week's writing course in France!
Details here on Jane's blog. That's got to be worth entering!


Morgen With An E said...

I have this book (and after 11 months of self-employment, boy do I need it!). Great review.

blogaboutwriting said...

You forgot to mention that there's a competition linked to the book to win a writing holiday in France!

marianh said...

If I give up eating everything beginning with c, life won't be worth living!

Laura Marcus said...

Ha! I too used to do the "Low C" diet. Darn it! Thought I'd invented it.

I will give Jane's book a mench on my dieting blog which for anyone's who interested in on my website: Giant Aunt Diet Blog. I'm not pushing any product so hope that mench is okay!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

This books sounds as wonderful as Jane's other books, I'll definitely have to buy a copy.

Karen said...

I love the idea of keeping naughty foods in the loft! Except we don't have one so that wouldn't work for me :o) Sounds like a great read, I must get a copy,

Sue Blackburn said...

Absolutely hilarious but good advice too.
Brilliant read.