Thursday, 21 February 2013

Forthcoming books and a competition

A quick news post for you.

Firstly, with Mother's Day coming up, here's the perfect present for your own mum, or for your kids to buy for you - Kate Long's latest, Bad Mothers United. Remember her first - The Bad Mothers' Handbook which came out in 2004 and was made into a TV programme starring Catherine Tate and Robert Pattinson? Well, by popular demand, Kate's written the sequel, so we can all find out what happened next to Karen, Charlotte and Nan. We left Charlotte becoming a teenage mum, Nan moving into an old folks' home, and Karen trying to cope with it all while struggling to come to terms with the truth about her past, as I recall. Visit Kate's website for more information. She's offering signed personalised bookplates to stick inside either gift books or your own copy.

Secondly, let me introduce another writer whom I very much admire. David Hough is incapable of writing a short story, because every time he tries, he ends up writing a novel. And his novels are excellent, real page-turners. His long-term small press publisher recently closed down, and almost immediately he found other publishers clamouring at his door wanting to republish some of his novels. (What a lovely feeling that must be!) As a result, five of his novels are soon to be republished - see his website for details. I've read 3 of the 5, and am currently reading another, which David kindly gave me in return for a plug on this blog. (Consider yourself plugged, David!) So if you like timeslip novels (The Gallows on Warlock Hill), adventure thrillers (Prestwick), historical novels set in Cornwall (The Vanson Curse) or indeed any good absorbing story, then do keep an eye out for these novels. David blogs at ACloudOfBooks.

And a competition - the Bath Short Story Award is a new international competition, with a top prize of £500. It's £5 to enter, deadline 30th March 2013, maximum length 2,200 words. The competition is to be judged by Helen Corner and Ayisha Malik of Cornerstones Literary Consultancy who are actively on the lookout for new talent, so this one looks like it'll definitely be worth entering.

Finally, thanks to all who have offered guest posts - I think there'll soon be quite a series running! Keep them coming. I'm hoping to feature guest posts from both Kate Long and David Hough to coincide with their publication dates as well.  (Soon maybe I won't have to write anything on this blog and it'll just run itself!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work and sharing of information, Womag - always appreciated. Good wishes KH

Antonia said...

Thanks for this! Can't wait for Kate's new book.

David Hough's novels sound intriguing.

Thanks for comp info too
Will promote this on G+ etc..

Kate said...

Thank you for the mention!