Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The New Writer - relaunching

I used to subscribe to The New Writer. I bought it on and off for many years and only quite recently stopped subscribing, due to lack of time to read the magazine.

It's currently being relaunched, and I find myself itching to re-subscribe again. On the website here you can read 12 sample pages of the next issue, and they do look enticing. There are also some special offers if you subscribe or order the first issue ahead of relaunch - details on home page link above. You can even pay by Paypal.

Oh, to heck with it. I'll re-subscribe. Why not? It's a lovely looking magazine and if you fancy reading a different writing magazine than the ones available in WHSmith, I'd recommend this one. It's a UK mag but accepts overseas subscriptions too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Womag. Mag looks tempting but it would probably join the ever growing pile of stuff to read which sits very untidily next to me on the couch. The rest of my 'must reads' are scattered about the house. The problem I have is that whenever I try to read my mind tells me I should be writing. I suppose it's better than telling me to sort out the cupboards or clean the fridge!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I already have far too many writing mags to read each month, but I received an email from them and have just taken advantage of ordering their first relaunch copy!

Maggie May said...

I admit it does look enticing, but I spend far too much time reading and not enough writing. On the other hand the more I read about writing, the more I want to write!

Sue said...

This looks very tempting. Thanks for the heads-up! :-)