Monday, 22 April 2013

Good blogs

A few links for you today - firstly a couple of blogs whose owners have been kind enough to host me while I wibble on about Ghost Stories and How to Write Them.

On Sally Q's blog I talk about how I came to write the book in an obscenely short length of time. She kept interrupting me while I wrote this post, as you'll see.

And on Edith O'Nuallain's lovely blog I sit beneath a glorious picture of Glendalough, Ireland, while she interviews me about my writing background and habits.

Edited 24/4/13
And today I'm on Della Galton's blog talking about what's to gain from writing classes.

I've recently discovered Elizabeth Dulcie's blog, where she has several posts on tax and finance and all those horrid things authors shy away from but which are essential to understand if you are trying to make a living from writing.

And finally, as a complete contrast and for no better reason than to look at stunning wildlife photos, take a look at this blog by a brilliant photographer. Eases my soul, that one does.


Edith said...

Thank you so much Kath for being such a lovely and gracious interviewee! Your words are truly inspirational! xxx

doloresdoolittle said...

Loads of fun, your "wibbling", Womag! And hugely encouraging - am sticking your 'Write till your fingers fall off' on the fridge Immediately!
Many thanks

parlance said...

Hi, I love your blog and have previously said you inspired me to sell my first story to a woman's mag here in Australia.

I popped over to Kindle (or Amazon, or whatever - I find the eBook world quite confusing) and now I have purchased the book and have been tearing my hair out because my Mac computer is took weak for the Kindle program I would need to read the book.

Did you publish it in another format also? Like ePub?

All is not lost for me, because I can read it on my sister's iPad, once I conquer the technology, but it would be great if I could also buy it in another format than kindle and thus read it on my own BeBook Neo.


womagwriter said...

Hi Catherine - can you send me an email via the contact me link above?