Thursday, 18 April 2013

News round up and interesting links

Various bits and pieces for you today.

Did you know that Saturday is World Circus Day? To mark the occasion, Douglas McPherson, writing as Julia Douglas, is giving away his ebook, circus romance The Showman's Girl, on iTunes over the weekend. Amazon may well match the zero price as well, so keep an eye on it.
I will add links to the book as soon as I have them.

Writer Cara Cooper is doing a series on her blog on how to write serials for magazines. Serials are probably one of the hardest things to get right - each episode must be the right length and end on a cliff-hanger. But they pay well and are a good stepping stone between writing short fiction and full length novels. Definitely worth taking a look at Cara's blog linked above to find out tips of the trade.

Fans of Kate Long's books might like to find out how she got her big break - see her Author Spotlight post on Morgen Bailey's excellent blog, here. And don't forget - there is still chance to enter the draw to win Kate's latest novel, Bad Mothers United. Just leave a comment on her guest post (scroll down about 2 posts). You've got till 5pm BST Friday to comment. Actually, make that 6.30pm as I think him indoors and I will be going to the pub at 5pm (to celebrate the start of the weekend!)

Excellent post on Della Galton's blog here on issue-led fiction. As her latest novel Ice and a Slice (only £1.94 at the moment!)  is about alcoholism she's had plenty of experience of writing this kind of thing. It can be incredibly powerful, and yes, the women's mags do take stories with strong themes.

Della's also running a workshop at Bournemouth's Festival of Words at the end of May. Take a look at the link there for the programme and competitions. If you're down south, come along!

If you're not down south but would like to do a writing course, try Sally Quilford's online course. Next one starts in mid May. Details here.

Think that's it for now - if you have anything you'd like me to publicise on this blog, do get in touch via the Contact page above. As long as its of interest to writers of short fiction I will consider it!


Edith said...

What an excellent selection of posts and articles to look into! A wonderful miscellany of inspiration. Thank you! Edith xxx

Cara Cooper said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog, I'm indebted to you! Loads of interesting things as usual to keep us all busy and informed. Thanks!

Della Galton said...

Thanks very much for the mention Kath xxxxxx

Sally Quilford said...

Thanks for the plug for my course, Kath! xx