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And now for something completely different...

It's the weekend! Hurray! It's a three-day weekend, so even more hurrays! Don't know about the rest of you but I most certainly need a break.

I have a special guest post for you today, plus a brilliant introductory offer on a new book - How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim.  This book, by Della Galton and Peter Jones, is being launched this weekend at the special price of 99p. The price'll go up come Tuesday, so get in there and buy it now!

OK, over to Peter and Della:

(Peter says)
Anybody who knows me intimately will tell you that two of my greatest passions in life are eating, and writing. So you might assume that after some careful deliberation I chose to write (my half) of How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim out of a desire to combine both interests. You'd be wrong.

Some time ago I was chatting to friend and fellow author, Della Galton, about what sells books. We both agreed that a good title is critical. Good titles sell books. Take for instance my first book - 'How To Do Everything and Be Happy'  - that, so Della told me, is a very good title.
                "In fact the only way it could have been better," said Della, "was if you'd called it something like How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim"
                "That is a good title," I admitted. "though not really anything to do with happiness!"
                "Well, I wouldn't say that," said Della.
                "Fair point" I conceded.
                "Actually," I said, my inner nerd waking up to the possibility of some serious geekiness, "weight management is something that I have some experience in."
                "Really?" said Della, "So do I."

(Della says)
Yes, I remember that - although if you'd warned me how seriously whacky some of your weight control ideas are, I might not have been quite so enthusiastic about proceeding with this book. I mean, I have a reputation to maintain!!!  OK, that last remark is a little tongue in cheek but seriously - some of your theories are pretty 'Out There'.  At least they are to someone who comes from a traditional sensible dieting background like myself. 

But I was intrigued enough to hear you out. I thought I knew everything there was to know about losing weight and staying slim. It turned out, I didn't!

Actually, this may sound odd, but one of the reasons I wanted to proceed with this book was because I felt our different perspectives would make very entertaining reading

(Peter says)
Excuse me! My ideas aren't 'wacky'! I'm just fed up with the notion that only way to lose weight is to either eat less and move more. Even you've got admit that they're soul-destroying ways of managing your weight. I was convinced there had to be a smarter way. Turns out there is. OK, the stuff about the 'fatometer' is a little strange - but the science behind it is completely sound and has actually been around for the best part of fifty years. The only reason why nobody knows about it (as far as I can see anyway) is because there isn't any money to be made from educating people on how the body actually controls hunger, and the bottom (the huge wobbly bottom at that) might fall out of the slimming industry if people actually knew.

Anyway, it's up to the reader how 'out there' they want to be isn't it? It's not like we haven't given them enough ideas to pick from!

(Della says)
True - we certainly have mentioned lots of ways our readers can eat loads and stay slim. But whilst I admit your geeky ideas are all 'grounded in science', so are mine. What exactly have you got against fat free healthy eating anyway, Mr Jones - especially as you know we share the same abhorrence of bland, favourless foods? I don't remember you turning your nose up at my fat free quiche.  "Absolutely delicious," I think were your exact words.  And while we're on the subject of fat free versus whacky, can I just ask which of us is actually the slimmest, slenderest, thinnest, smallest-waisted, and most petite? I think you'll find it's me. Not that I'm being competitive. I don't have a competitive bone in my body - as well you know ;)

(Peter says)
I haven't got anything against healthy eating at all! Quite the reverse in fact. I just think that 'fats' have been unfairly demonised. It's 'hunger' that's the enemy - in my humble opinion. And might I remind you Ms Galton that despite your scorn you have eaten quite a few of my geeky dishes on several occasions - and finished the lot I might add! And I can't think of anyone who would be more qualified to write a book entitled "How To Be Competitive About Everything"!

(Della says)
Now that's not a bad title for a book, not bad at all…

 How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim will be available from amazon and other online retailers from the 25th of May in various formats. LIKE us on facebook, or pop by for more details

I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this book. Here's my review of it:

Authors Peter Jones and Della Galton have stacks of experience of writing How To books (How to Do Everything and Be Happy, How toWrite and Sell Short Stories), and they also have years of experience (and success) battling weight problems. Put them together to write a How To book about controlling your weight and you’re on to a winner.

This book has a very engaging tone and reads as though you’ve phoned each of them up for advice. In fact, the Audible version even sounds like you’ve phoned them up –  as the two authors each recorded their own sections of the book.  

It’s not a diet book, but if you follow some of the suggested tips you probably would lose weight, without even feeling as though you are cutting down. The tips are mostly common sense – but common sense isn’t actually all that common, is it? (Besides, I for one have far too busy a life to have space in my head for common sense. I need constant reminding of it!) The basic premise is that you will have to make changes, but you can make a lot of small changes, tweaks to your eating habits, rather than huge scale alterations. This will work better and be easier to sustain.

As you go through the book you are invited to award yourself stars for each change you try out. It’s like being back at primary school – gold stars for trying hard! But of course the real motivation lies in developing a healthy attitude to eating, and all the benefits that brings with it. The book is not prescriptive – indeed the two authors don’t always agree on everything – so you can take your pick of tips which you think will work for you.

So if you’re fed up with fad diets, bored of your bulge and trying to trim down – this book is for you. Available from Amazon now, also from Audible as an audio book, and will be available as a paperback later this summer.

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