Friday, 24 May 2013

DC Thomson contracts- the final word

If you still have concerns about the new DC Thomson contracts, please go over to Simon Whaley's blog, here. Simon contacted the People's Friend editor (Angela Gilchrist) and the Society of Authors about the contract, to make sure his understanding was correct. I'm pleased to see his interpretation, now confirmed, matches mine. He explains it at length, and probably better than I did.

In the end, you have two choices.
1. Sign the contract, and continue to submit work to DCT under its terms.
2. Don't sign the contract, and stop submitting to DCT.

If or when I go back to writing womag stories, I'll have no hesitation in signing it. The DCT fiction editors are still among the best ones to work for.

Thank you to everyone for your input into these discussions.

Edited 14:00 If you're a pocket novelist, see also Sally Q's take on the subject, here.


Sally Quilford said...

Simon's post is really helpful, but thank you too, Womag, for being one of the first to bring this discussion out into the open.

Sally Quilford said...

And thanks for the link to my blog!

Edith said...

Many thanks to you, Sally and Simon for all your your analysis and informed opinions. Where would we be without all of you?!

Anonymous said...

I must admit I've been keeping fairly quiet so far as I don't tend to comment much anyway, and there's been a lot to take in, but I just want to say thanks for this,and for taking the bull by the horns and getting Shirley's comments and answers to questions. Both you and Simon have been a huge help in bringing some clear imformation and common sense into all the hubbub over the past few weeks.It must have been exhausting!

Lilian B (Rebecca Holmes)

Kath said...

Kath, both you and Simon have done a great job of helping to clarify this difficult issue. Thank you very much.

womagwriter said...

Thank you all - it is good to know my efforts were appreciated.

SarahE said...

I still have not seen this contract but at least I now know what it's all about so thanks enormously for this Womag!