Thursday, 2 May 2013

Free magazines!

(Apart from postage costs)

Jo Derrick who is the owner/editor/publisher of The Yellow Room is having a clear out, and has some back copies of another literary magazine to give away.

Here's what she sent me:

From 1994-2006 I published and edited a literary magazine for female writers called QWF (Quality Women's Fiction). I have a hundred or so cluttering up my office and need to get rid of them. Rather than take them to the tip, I am offering all 4 issues (two are 80 pages and two are 95 pages) for the price of the postage, which is £1.90 for all 4 issues (46, 47, 48 and 49). Please message me for details of how to pay and your address, if you're interested. Each magazine features short stories, review and a letters page. Very similar to The Yellow Room.

Payments can be made via Paypal (joDOTderrickATntlworldDOTcom) or by cheque (made payable to J M Derrick) and sent to: 1 Blake Close, Bilton, Rugby CV22 7LJ

You'll obviously need to replace the dots and ats in the email address above - obscured to stop the spammers. I had a few issues of QWF back in the day, and a very nice magazine it was too. So if you would like a good read of excellent stories, get in touch with Jo via the email address above. 


Edith said...

Thanks for this information! xxx

Jo said...

Thank you for listing this, Kath! I have hundreds of the darn things!!

janewj said...

There were some fantastic stories in QWF - I loved it. And a lot of the names you'll see on the contents page went on to do great things, eh? Lynne Barrett-Lee, Katharine Roberts, Lesley Gleeson, Sally Zigmond - who else JO? Lovely Fiona Curnow was in there too... Ah Happy Days.... :-)