Saturday, 18 May 2013

Quick links post

I meant to post this last night but the contract thing kind of took over. If you haven't seen the previous post, do scroll down and take a look because it's important.

Some links to blogs to peruse over the weekend:

Firstly - a superb post on Della Galton's blog about the necessity of perseverance, even when you're as well-known a womag writer as she is.

Secondly - a new blog from Julia Douglas, aka Douglas McPherson, writer of womag stories and pocket novels. He kicks off by writing about why he adopted a female pen name.

Thirdly - Bridget Whelan's blog is always worth a look. I was a guest there a couple of days ago, talking about how I came to write my book, Ghost Stories and How to Write Them. (While I'm on the subject of that book - I'd like to thank all you lovely people out there who've bought it, and especially those who've reviewed it. I am delighted by how well it's been received!)


Della Galton said...

thanks Kath for the mention. I thought your contracts blog very interesting and a balanced view too. The biggest question that always strikes me when I get asked to sign a contract is - if I don't sign it, does that preclude me from the market? What do others think?

Sue Blackburn said...

Thanks Kath for a super, informative blog and the links to the other three fascinating ones too on your recent post.

Adore your Ghost Stories and How to Write them but, because it's on my Kindle App on my computer, it's a bit of a slow process as I HATE reading on my computer. Wish it was in proper book form and I could curl it with it!! :0(

But I love books - and I will probably have to give in eventually as it seems to be the way things are going - I don't want a kindle!!!

womagwriter said...

Thanks Sue!
I published on Kindle because it was easy, and I've not done this before. But remember - it's not either/or with Kindles - you can get one, and still choose to buy paper books. I buy both - if it's a book I want to read at home and keep forever I get 'the real thing'. If it's to read on holiday, or on journeys, I get the Kindle edition. And some shorter books are more cost-effective as ebooks.

Sue Blackburn said...

Is yours available as well as a 'proper book'then, Kath? I could only see it as a Kindle edition?

womagwriter said...

Sue, no, my book is only available as a Kindle ebook. What I meant was, if you buy a Kindle device it doesn't mean you should no longer buy paper books. For each purchase you just choose whether you'd rather have the paper book if available or have it on your kindle.

Sue Blackburn said...

Ah I thought it was only on Kindle, Kath, but I was living in hopes!!

Yes best of both worlds I guess Thanks for that. Watch this space!