Monday, 3 June 2013

Love Craft

Delighted to announce that my fabulous friend, Sally Quilford, has published an ebook all about how to write sellable, believable romances. The book is called Love Craft, its gorgeous cover is below, and you can buy it  from Amazon for £1.34.

Lookie - the cover quote is from me! I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this book, and can tell you I learned loads about writing romances from this lovely guide. I was chuffed to bits when Sally asked for a cover quote. Now I think I'll have to have a go at writing a romance - one where Daniel Craig is the hunky hero, obviously. 

Sally has sold about a dozen full length (50,000 word) romances (actually I've lost count but it must be about that many!) and really knows her stuff. So if you write or aspire to write romances, either short stories for the womags, pocket novels or for Mills & Boon or other publishers, get yourself a copy of this book to see how its done. 

The official launch of the book is tomorrow, and the launch party is on Facebook - you're all invited!


Sally Quilford said...

Thanks Womag! I'm glad you enjoyed it! So now I'll be writing a ghost story and you'll be writing a romance. I do love this information sharing!

Jocelyn Kaye said...

I've done one of Sally's online romance writing courses and thought it was great- thorough, helpful and fun.

Sally Quilford said...

Thanks Jocelyn!