Thursday, 15 August 2013

All power to the Friend!

If you've 'liked' the People's Friend on Facebook you may have seen the lovely news posted today, that the latest official magazine circulation figures show that PF has increased its circulation by 1.3%, more than any other traditional women's magazine!  Well done to PF - shows readers do still want fiction-led magazines! 
Here's the link.

Talking of PF I heard on the grapevine today that they're in need of some longer stories at the moment - those in the range 2500-3500 words. So to increase your chances of a sale, try writing something of that length. 


Kate said...

And of course the readership is always far higher as Friend readers are famous for passing on their copies, sharing them with friends, and sending them across the world!
I love to think of who's reading them and where in the world they might be. It seems a long journey for my words, from my computer screen here, via the magazine, to somewhere thousands of miles away.

Wendy's Writing said...

I found one of my Friend stories in a pile of mags in a hotel reception in Corfu!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can anyone tell me how much PF pay for a story and how much they pay for the longer 2,500+ ones. thanks