Saturday, 17 August 2013

Wannabe a TV star?

Jane Wenham-Jones, novelist, columnist, womag-writer and author of the Wannabe a Writer? books, has a new project brewing. She's trying to get a TV reality show off the ground - one which follows wannabe writers as they try to get a publishing deal.

She's produced a pilot episode for the show, with the help of a talented TV producer/director, and you can watch the first part of it here.  In it, an immensely brave first-time novelist Delphine submits her novel to a top agent, Carole Blake, and receives some valuable feedback. In part 2, which will be available later in September, Delphine seeks advice from an as yet unnamed best-selling novelist.

All very exciting, and what's even more exciting, is that if the show takes off, Jane will need other writers to take part. She's also interested in hearing from short story writers, and I imagine would try to persuade some of the magazine editors to take part as well... If you're interested, sign up here.

Do watch the pilot - it's very well put together and makes for a fascinating programme. I really hope this show gets picked up by a production company. I'm far too shy and retiring to volunteer for it myself but I would love for at least one of my blog readers to be involved (you could give me a plug...)!


Rena George said...

What a great video, and what a brilliant idea. I hope Jane manages to find a TV company to produce her new reality series.
Agent, Carole Blake's, advice to new writer, Delphine, was tough love, but oh so interesting. I can't wait to see what happens in Part 2.
Thank you for posting this, Womagwriter. Rx

Mister D said...

Hooked on this its great

Anonymous said...

Very watchable. Can't wait for Part 2.

Karen said...

Sounds interesting, I shall go and check it out :o)

Cally Taylor said...

I loved it! Can't wait for the next episode.