Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to School

Tomorrow my 15 year old (creator of this wonderful little trailer for my Ghost Stories book) goes back to school, and starts his final year of GCSE courses. And in two weeks my 18 year old (star of the trailer) goes off to university for the first time. The sun's still shining down here in Bournemouth, but summer's almost over. We'll go blackberrying at the weekend and make jam, and that's usually the full stop on summer activities.

Last week while on holiday I read Cally Taylor's anthology, Tears and Rain, which she wrote about in the guest post below. It's a superb little anthology - the stories are all linked by a loose theme of hope after loss. I can highly recommend it.

And just when I thought I was catching up with reading all the wonderful anthologies you brilliant writer-friends have published, along comes another which I just had to buy. Have a look at the product description for Douglas McPherson's collection of serials (previously published in My Weekly) The Blue Rinse Brigade and you'll see what I mean. Sounds irresistible, and only £1.98!

Great cover, isn't it? As a follow up to Cally's post on self-publishing, you might be interested to hear this cover was created simply using Kindle Cover Creator, and used a free image from the limited selection available, which he then cropped.


Wendy's Writing said...

Good luck to your eldest when he starts uni - it's a very exciting time for him (and you). I've also got Cally's anthology - great isn't it.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Talented youngsters! Love the idea of BlackBerrying - we used to go picking brambles when younger.