Monday, 28 October 2013

Freebies for Halloween

Lots of goodie ghost stories will be available for free this Halloween, so get your clicking fingers at the ready to snap them up!

Let's start with my own book - Ghost Stories and How to Write Them. To celebrate Halloween, I've scheduled a 5 day free promotion of this book from 29th October till 2nd November, give or take a few hours (Amazon works on Pacific Standard Time whereas I'm more a Greenwich Mean Time kind of girl.) So if you've not wanted to shell out £1.53 for this book, now's your chance to get it for nothing!

If you read it and like it, I would love you to leave a little review on Amazon. It does help with future sales!

Sally Quilford is giving away her book, A Collector of Hearts on Halloween. She's also scheduled a few other giveaways over the next week - go here to read about them all!

And Douglas McPherson is giving away his ghost novella, Forever Together, also on Halloween give or take a few hours (pesky time zones!) He's also written about the genesis of this story in the latest Writers' Forum, and how it started as a short story, became a novella (now self-published) then became a serial published by My Weekly. A good lesson in reworking a story to fit the market, and never giving up.

That lot should keep you going. Don't forget, if you haven't got a Kindle you can still get a free Kindle reading app for your pc, ipad, smartphone, ipod touch etc.

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