Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Authors for the Philippines

Bidding is now OPEN for all sorts of writer-related goodies, in an online auction in aid of the Philippines. All money bid will go to the Red Cross to help those affected by the terrible typhoon last week.

Here's the link to the auction site but you might be especially interested in lot number 108 where Sam Tonge (she of the last guest post here) is offering a detailed critique of a womag story.

There are all manner of items offered, from books to full manuscript critiques from agents (high bids for this one already!) to offers to give talks in schools. Do go and take a look, and help out this very worthwhile cause.


Samantha Tonge said...

Thanks, Kath - yes, just to clarify, i am only looking at stories aimed at the People's Friend :)

Anonymous said...

Talk about niche!

Samantha Tonge said...