Wednesday, 29 January 2014

From books to films

Many of this blog's readers will know Cally Taylor - she's a friend of mine who started her writing career by selling to the womags, before finding an agent and publishing a couple of rom coms. The second of these was Home for Christmas, and she guest-blogged about it here around the time of its publication.

I'm delighted to say that an independent film company based in Brighton want to make a film of the book, using the real life Duke of York cinema (Cally's inspiration) for the setting. They've signed some big names - for more details see Cally's blog.

And YOU can get involved, and get your name on the credits as an executive producer, by sponsoring the film for any amount from £10. You get some goodies for this - signed Christmas card from the cast, copy of the script etc. Go here for details and to donate if you'd like to be involved. Or if you work for a company who'd like a credit or a bit of product placement - they can have that for a larger donation...

Cally's come a long way in her writing career since she and I shared a second prize in a small competition back in about 2005. She's a real inspiration, and because of that I've sponsored this film. Hope some of you can, too! 

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Kconan said...

Is the movie going to be on Kickstarter?