Saturday, 22 March 2014

Blogging and Novella competitions

A few competition links for you today.

Firstly, one for all bloggers and article writers.

Write an article on the theme of “Generation-Y” and receive a cash prize of $200

Generation-Y, also known as Millennials, or the YOLO Generation. The generation that are into selfies, swag, drunken snapchats, instagramming your food and #hashtaging#everything#you#say. Every generation has its own set of aspirations and challenges, and these are both exciting and uncertain times to be living in.

What are your thoughts on Generation-Y?

We're calling all bloggers, writers, thinkers, part-time philosophers and aspiring journalists to write an 800 word article on the theme of Generation-Y. Enter it into our Gen-Y competition on ReadWave and the article that receives the most 'likes' will win a cash prize of $200 (or equivalent value in your local currency).

We accept entrants from all over the world. Articles that are over 800 words will not be considered. The deadline for submissions is 14th April. For more information, visit

And two for novella writers:

In 2014, Manchester Metropolitan University’s Cheshire Faculty is launching the inaugural MMU Novella Award, the first iteration of what will become a bi-annual literary prize. The competition will conclude with a one-day Novella Festival at the Cheshire Campus consisting of readings, talks and panel discussions. Novelist Jenn Ashworth will front the judging panel and decide the winner after a team of internal readers whittles down the submissions to a shortlist.

The Write Time: a unique writing competition for previously unpublished authors aged 50+
If you have always dreamed of being a published author, here is an opportunity that you won’t want to miss. We have launched a writing competition for the over 50s, exclusively for Mature Times readers.
“The Write Time” competition offers the winner a two-year digital publishing contract, with full editorial and marketing support, and a generous royalty on all sales.

Sadly, or is it happily, I'm too young to enter that last one but it looks like a great opportunity so if you're old enough (no need to be 'mature' though!) unpublished and have a novella kicking around, do check it out. 


Jan Baynham said...

Thanks for the info., Kath. Unlike you, I definitely qualify for the 50+ one!! It may be just the challenge I need to get the synopsis and three polished chapters done by the end of May. You don't get anywhere unless you give it a go, do you?!

susanjanejones said...

Same as Jan, I fit in to the age slot, so no excuses. Thanks womag for pointing this out.

Dolores Doolittle said...

Me too, Womag, but the Gen-Y article is also strangely appealing. Huge thanks for these!

Elizabeth said...

Great info for those who fit the qualifications. Happily or sadly, I'm too old to enter the competition, but I AM a published author ;-)

Patsy said...

I'm too old to understand the first one and too young for the last one. Better take a look at the one in the middle then!

Maria said...

Thanks for sharing. :-)

SUSAN DAN said...

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Rechal Marshal said...

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