Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Publishing with Alfie Dog - guest post by Hilary Halliwell

Here's a guest post from womagwriter Hilary Halliwell whose short story collection has just been published by the wonderful Alfie Dog Fiction. Thanks Hilary, and best of luck with your book!

For the short story writer alfiedog.com is a truly wonderful resource for submitting your short stories for possible publication; and reading the wonderful selection of short stories of all genres on the site will prove both an enjoyable and educational experience for all lovers of the genre. The short story is enjoying a renaissance of late and with more anthologies being published every year by the big names, short story writers are no longer the poor relations in the fiction market. Rosemary Kind, the editor of Alfiedog says, ‘All stories are reviewed and if needed, edited; but only the best are accepted for publication on alfiedog.com.’
Alfiedog was launched two years ago and so far has accepted over 1,400 stories from 330 writers, the authors located in no less than twenty four countries around the world. Download costs are very competitive and the whole website is both attractive and very professional.
Rosemary says, ‘Where stories are not quite up to publication standard, time permitting, we always try to assist the author.
Hilary Halliwell’s book, ‘Love, Laughter, Tears…’ will be the twenty eighth book that we’ve published, of which eleven are single author short story collections. Of the others, five are multi author collections and, a sixth multi author collection is also due out in June. Our goal is to provide a platform and an income to short story writers, and, we are more than happy to enable a second income to be earned from stories that have already been published, copyright permitting. Our first short story competition launched this May and details can be found on alfiedog.com.’
There is a wealth of talent out there and alfiedog.com provides an attractive and professional shop window for all short story writers and readers too. I personally have found that submitting to alfiedog.com is a joyful experience. They are quick to get back to you, no months of waiting to hear, and, they will do all they can to guide and help you through the process. I for one can’t thank them enough, my first collection comes out this week and I am very excited.
Sending your submission costs you nothing. Send your story as an attachment with some brief details about yourself to editorial@alfiedog.com . There are freebies to be had as well. Patsy Collins has a collection of seven of her fabulous stories in,
Not a Drop to Drink… which is available as a free download. With other free downloads including Crime through to children’s stories, it’s all there, so take a look.
And while you’re at it, don’t forget that short story competition that has a great, fantastic first prize of £200 cash and…publication of a short story collection! Perhaps this is the chance you’ve been waiting for, so why not give it a go, I’m certainly glad that I did….
Hilary Halliwell’s short story collection, Love, Laughter, Tears… is available from the May 10th as an ebook or paperback, from alfiedog and amazon.

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susanjanejones said...

That looks another good one from Alfie dog. Look forward to reading it Hilary. Great post.