Friday, 30 May 2014

Some magazine news

Three little snippets today, from the world of womag.

Firstly, The People's Friend magazine have launched a newsletter. Go here and sign up at the bottom of the page to receive it. I must admit, of all the magazines, the PF team seem by far the best at embracing social media. Their Facebook page is always entertaining. Their blog is informative and fun. And they're on Twitter @TheFriendMag. Well done, all at PF!

Secondly, Woman's Weekly are currently 'desperate' (or so I hear) for 1800-word stories. So get writing to that length! Check your stock of unsold stories - can some be edited down or addited up (Sally Quilford's word, that one) to 1800?

Thirdly, I've heard from several people that Anthony Lambert is no longer the fiction editor at That's Life Fast Fiction (Australia). Does anyone know who the new editor is? Everyone I know who worked with Anthony liked him a lot, so I know many will be sad that he is no longer there. I don't know why he's left.


Patsy said...

Addited is a great word! (It's hard to do without padding though, isn't it?)

Jacqueline Pye said...

Handy info, as always, Kath. Have had a feature n The Friend but not (yet!) a story. Plan to give it a go.

Barbara Trevitt said...

Thank you for this info, Kath. I agree with you, The People's Friend are really good at interaction on both FB and Twitter.