Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A market, a competition and news from Ireland's Own

Bits and pieces for you today

1.  Here's a possible market for your short stories, especially the 3-6000 worders - Cracked Eye publish stories of all genres, and pay their authors (though I don't know how much).

2.  The Bath Novel award 2015 has just opened for entries:
The Bath Novel Award
International competition for aspiring and self published writers
£1000 1st prize
Shortlist Judge Mildred Yuan, Literary Agent (United Agents)
Closing Date 31 Mar 15
First 5000 words and synopsis
£20 entry fee
Full details

3.  Ireland's Own fiction editor Phil Murphy is retiring. From now on submissions should be sent to Sean Nolan but best to wait till mid September as there is a bit of a back log. With thanks to Sue B for passing this news on. 

Finally, if you have any information of interest to womag writers, please do contact me on the link above. I don't write short stories myself any more and am losing touch with what's going on in womag world, though I do want to keep this blog going! So I'm relying on you lovely blog readers to pass on snippets for me to publish on this blog. 

Thank you! 


Maria said...

Thank you for sharing with us. Your blog is a great resource, we are very lucky that you keep it going.

hazzy said...

May I get your advice. I have sent various short stories to the Weekly News and one chase up letter. I have never heard anything. In your experience do rejections get notified. Also I never had an auto acknowledgement email either. Thanks

Julie P said...

Thanks for this information, much appreciated.

Jan Baynham said...

Thanks for this information, Kath. Very useful as always.

Keith Havers said...

I refer hazzy to Patsy's post of Tues 5th August:

Kath said...

Thanks, Kath.

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