Saturday, 19 July 2014

Two great blogs

Here are a couple of must-read blog posts - especially for those who write longer fiction as well as (or instead of) short stories.

Firstly, Sally Quilford's write-up of a talk she gave at the RNA conference last weekend. I so wanted to go to that but it clashed with the pier-to-pier swim. Ah well, next year, definitely. She spoke about her favourite genre, Romantic Intrigue. Her blog post is full of excellent advice on how to mix a romance with a crime story, and end up with something hugely satisfying which you will stand a great chance of selling. I have realised that my time-slip novels are essentially romantic intrigue, with the romance in the historical story strand, and the intrigue in the present-day story.

While you are over there, do take a look at Sally's other recent blog posts. Ever wondered what a McGuffin is (and no, MacDonald's don't serve them) ?

Secondly, and still on the subject of the RNA conference, here's another write-up of the weekend along with photos.  This gives a wonderful taste of what it was like, and makes me even more determined to get there next year!


Patsy said...

I've not been to any conferences - seems I'm missing out.

womagwriter said...

Come next year, Patsy, with me!

Quillers said...

Yes, come next year, Patsy. It's loads of fun, and you'll be made very welcome!