Thursday, 11 September 2014


Delighted to announce that my book The Emerald Comb is now available for pre-order! Publication date is still over a week away and it is kind of hard waiting for it to come around.

Meanwhile, my friend Peter Jones who I've featured on this blog before (How To Do Everything And Be Happy) has published a novel, The Good Guy's Guide to Getting the Girl. It's a humorous tale of a bloke trying to find a girlfriend, and it's due to be on promotion at just 99p from tomorrow! I heard the first chapter of this book a few years back and have been waiting and waiting for Peter to get round to publishing it ever since. Finally he has, it's on my Kindle and I'll be reading it next.

One problem with being a writer is that I know a lot of other writers, and they all write darn good books. I am struggling to keep up with reading everyone's output! But I wouldn't have it any other way. Keep it up, everyone!


Sue Blackburn said...

Ordered it Kath and really looking forward to reading it x

womagwriter said...

Thanks Sue! Much appreciated!