Wednesday, 24 September 2014

PF interviews Queen Della 

Fab interview on the PF website with Della Galton, queen of womag fiction.

Apologies for this very brief post but I AM EDITING MY NOVEL and really trying not to get distracted by social media. Found the above link on Twitter just now. So you can see I am failing.


Georgina Troy said...

You have to have a break occasionally, so why not have a mooch around on social media. ;)

Happy publication day to Della! x

Sally Zigmond said...

Thank you for this. I do so admire Della Galton. I also call her the Queen of Womag! Amazing to think her initial experience was exactly - and I mean exactly - like mine, although it was 10 years earlier; not to mention the fact she has been 100 times more productive and successful than I have because |I asm as lazy so and so.

Good luck with your editing. That's where I am, too. And I shouldn't be here either!