Monday, 10 November 2014

Driving Home for Christmas blog tour and competition

You wait ages for a blog tour competition then two come along at once. Today I am delighted to welcome A.L. Michael to the blog, with her lovely Christmas book, Driving Home For Christmas (have you all got the Chris Rea song going round your head now? I have!)

Megan McAllister is home for Christmas…whether she likes it or not!
Christmas is about family…and for Megan family means two people: herself, and her daughter Skye. It doesn’t mean her parents who, ten years ago, saw her pregnancy as anything but a miracle. And it definitely doesn’t include her irresistible ex-boyfriend Lucas Bright.
So ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ has never been top of Megan’s festive playlist. But for Skye, she knows she needs to spend the holiday season with the people she’s left behind. She can do this. Even if the thought of meeting Lucas under the mistletoe still has her feeling like she’s drunk one-too-many Snowballs!

But somewhere between the hanging of stockings and the crackle of wrapping paper, Christmas starts to sparkle. And Megan begins to wonder if family could be bigger than her and Skye after all…Pop the buck’s fizz, stoke the fire and prepare to giggle the festive season away with AL Michael!
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Lucas Bright sat on the side of the road and watched the tour bus leave without him. They were somewhere less than glamorous, and he wasn’t even sure how to get home. If home was where he wanted to go. She’d gone, the mere months of their marriage drizzling out to this one moment, where she wanted a divorce and he didn’t care enough to stop her. Musicians shouldn’t marry. Trying to build a life on the road, from tour to tour, hotel to hotel, it just didn’t make sense. Plus he had the idea that Mike, that roadie who had been sniffing around had caught his wife’s interest. Ex-wife. Soon enough, anyway. May as well get used to using the terminology.

Being a rockstar wasn’t everything he thought it would be. Or maybe it had just been tainted by fighting every night about things that didn’t matter. Did he wink at that girl in the audience, did she steal those lyrics, why couldn’t they work together anymore.

Jess was talented, no doubt. She was going to make it big one day. One day soon, if she stayed single and used her ‘indefinable allure’ on the business execs. She’d been their opening act on the tour. They’d got closer, all those nights talking music, drinking too much, laughing until his face hurt. This was life, he thought, this was what people did. They never sang together, though. Somehow, that part was reserved for Megan, in some sort of misguided loyalty to her, and to what they’d had.

Lucas shook his head, he was an idiot. His marriage breaks down, he quits his band, and he’s thinking about a girl he loved when he was seventeen?

‘Get a grip,’ he said to himself, standing up. Right, a plan. Call Claire, let her know everything’s alright. Get her to prepare their mum for him coming home. Was the little village ever really home? He’d always felt like an outsider. They moved there when he was a kid, Claire would only have been a toddler, and from the start he’d been seen as ‘that troublemaker boy from London’. He wasn’t meant for small spaces. But it didn’t seem he was made for the road, either.

He could have one last go at it, by himself, he thought. Call Derek, pay for some studio time, record an album. He’d made some money selling on his songs before, and whilst it was painful to hear someone else up there, singing the songs he wrote, it made good money, and it was what he was good at. It also meant he didn’t have to go back yet, tail between legs, proving them all right.

London, he’d go to London. Give himself a few more months to ‘make it’, to prove he’d done something real. And then he’d go back for Christmas. Just for Christmas, before he’d leave again. There was nothing really there for him since she’d left anyway.


Karen said...

Lots of lovely Christmassy books coming out - it's ALMOST putting me in a festive mood :o)

Nicola said...

Not only Christmassy books but Christmas 24 has started on TV. Aaaww another distraction. Thank you for the post, Kath.

Carole Anne Carr Author said...

Just what we need at this time of year. 😊

john said...

Happy holidays everyone!