Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Blog list

I'm doing a bit more tweaking. My plan is to have a list of interesting and useful blogs which will automatically update to show the latest posts. My technical plans don't always work, but this is good in theory, I think?

If you know of any blogs you think will be of interest to womag writers and should therefore go on the bloglist, please leave the address in the comments along with a few words to say why you think it's relevant*. If you'd like to suggest your own blog then that's fine.

*The picture isn't relevant. I couldn't think of an illustration which would have been. Can you?


ados said...

Can't work out how to make it a live link, sorry, Patsy.


Carole Anne Carr said...

A picture of many people, many nations, many occupations? to go with this? A colourful, cheerful crowd.

Captain Black said...

Here's a few I find useful…

Writer Beware – invaluable advice for avoiding scammers and other unsavoury things in the literary world.
MorgEn Bailey's Writing Blog – a cornocopia of writing-related material. It sports one of the largest navigation menus I've ever seen.
Della Galton – there's probably not a lot she doesn't know about writing for Womags.

May I also cheekily promote a couple of sites I look after:

NAWG – the National Association of Writers' Groups. We have a new competition too!
Wannabe a Writer? – writing related material, including the two "how-to" books from Jane Wenham-Jones.

I wouldn't recommend trying to make your list "live feeds". Whilst that might provide a useful syndication service to your readers, it's likely to be technically headache prone, not to mention eating up your bandwidth. After all, this is your blog, not theirs.

Instead, why not include feed links so that interested readers can "follow" them. For example:

Captain Black said...

Also, the bluddy CAPTCHA is a nightmare. I'm sure it filters out more humans than robots.

Patsy said...

@ Alyson - thanks, good one!

@ Carloe - maybe I should have photographed a writing festival or conference? That would have done it.

@ Captain Blck - thanks for all those.

Regarding the CAPTCHA, I have it disabled (as do most bloggers) and although it still shows due to some weird blogger glitch you can ignore it and the post will still be accepted.

Dolores Doolittle said...

Thank you Patsy and everyone for this info.

And going back to your 4 April post on Take a Break, I bought the current Fiction Feast and it is indeed full of great stories, including a beam-inducing one of yours, Patsy - `Desk of Dreams` - hugely encouraging!

Kath McGurl said...

I was going to suggest Della's but it's already been mentioned so that's ok. Also perhaps add the blogs of writers you've interviewed eg Wendy's and Helen's which are both good reads.

Patsy said...

@ Dolores - thank you! Really pleased you liked it.

@ Kath - good suggestions.

Patsy said...

Ooops - just realised I calle Carole Carloe - sorry aboyt that!