Monday, 10 August 2015


I've been asked to mention Magfest, which is "the International Magazine Festival and Conference". 

I'm not sure how valuable it will be to freelance writers, but I have been assured, "There’ll be a lot of DC Thomson staff there too so it could be a good opportunity for networking." The other thing which persuaded me to give it a mention is that it's being held in Edinburgh and I know how frustrating it is to those who don't live in the south of England to keep seeing adverts for interesting sounding events in London.


Nikki Simpson said...

All are welcome - get in touch at with any queries.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Sounds good - not sure if I'll manage, but at least I can get to Edinburgh a bit more easily than London!

Sheila, Canary Islands said...

[Thinks of the price of airfare.]
[Remembers the climate in the Canary Islands.]

Patsy said...

@ Rosemary - yep, a lot more convenient for you.

@ Sheila - It can be jolly sunny in Scotland you know!