Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A change at Take a Break's Fiction Feast

Thanks very much to Shane Telford for passing on this news –

Just a heads up Patsy (and anyone else reading this), I got an email from Norah today wanting to buy a story which was fantastic, but attached at the bottom in big bold writing were the words 'New Policy.'

Norah and the folks at TAB would now like any submissions to be accompanied by a short, two to three line summary of the story that you've sent in. Norah would like this summary on the front page, underneath the title.

I suppose this might help with the workload at TAB, and help them weed out any stories that just aren't suitable for their market.

I hope this helps with any future submissions!

Congratulations on the sale, Shane - and thanks very much for passing on this information.

btw, the survey is still running. If you haven't already voted, please do. It's just over there ---> and up a bit /\.

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