Friday, 6 January 2017

Finding the guidelines.

I've recently had an email which makes me think some people are having trouble searching the blog, particularly when it comes to finding the latest magazine guidelines. To find them, scroll down the blog to ‘Magazine guidelines quick links’ and click on the one you’re interested in. All posts involving that magazine will then appear and you can select ‘date order’ to read the most recent ones.

Aternative ways to search are either to scroll down to 'labels' and select a topic, click on the appropriate label under any post, or type a relevant word into the 'search this blog' box. You might also find the pages listed above the posts of interest.

I hope that's clear, but if you're still struggling just say in the comments and I'll try to explain more clearly. There are lots of different blogs and websites, with different search methods, so it can get confusing!

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