Sunday, 12 July 2020

Over To You

What's happening in Womag land? Are you researching, writing, subbing? Had any acceptances or rejections? Any other news?
Do you have tips to share, questions to ask, or suggestions for this blog?

The photo is of me throwing my wedding bouquet – eight years ago today. (It was caught by my oldest friend's teenage daughter, which got me into trouble!) Feel free to use it as a picture prompt. If you'd like other writing prompts, short exercises and story/scene suggestions then you might find this book useful.  (If you read the comments to this post, you'll see it's a wise investment!)

Our wedding anniversary is a special day when it comes to writing too, as 'writer' is what it says for my profession on the certificate. Back then I wasn't doing it full time, but I knew that was going to happen.

My own womag news – I'm not writing much womag stuff at the moment, as I'm concentrating on a novel (a contemporary romance with a bit of crime thriller and several castles swirled into the mix). In the last month or so I've had stories accepted by YOU, My Weekly and The People's Friend. One of my stories is in the current Fiction Feast (likely to be my last for that market due to them now taking all rights) and I'll have one in The People's Friend next week.

I've just set up a newsletter mailing list. It's very much a work in progress, but if you'd like to be amongst the first to sign up, you can do so here.


Chris Sutton said...

Happy Anniversary, Patsy. I hope you and your husband have a lovely day.

To update the WW situation, I've had the new Future Publishing contract through and it seems the All Rights situation will continue unchanged. A disappointment but not unexpected. I've also been trying to get clarification about the recent drop in money for stories in the Specials and what criteria were used to determine how the pay cuts would be applied. No response as yet. Does anyone have any info?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what they pay new writers now?


Sharon boothroyd said...

I don't think anyone will have this info Chris, about how WW came up with their pay cuts.
I don't feel that WW will give you a proper explanation, either - it's probably down to general budget cuts.
You could keep hassling them, but...
There is a payment offer for accepted stories - the response is, either take it or leave it. It's up to you.

liz young said...

Eight years?!! Congratulations - and you're obviously still happy as ... well, as two happy people! <3

Charlie said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary!! I’m still waiting to hear regards to my submissions to PF but understand a delay with responses and finally got a response My weekly saying they do not accept submissions unless written for them before which is fine just a shame as not many mags left to submit too. Still buzzing about my acceptance for Yours fiction special though - I’m in Aug edition and can’t wait to finally see my first ever story in print 🥳 just hope it’s the start of something.

Lynn Love said...

Congrats, Patsy! Hope you're able to do something lovely.
The PF were asking regular serial writers if they wanted a go at longer serials - five to eight parts - so I've spent the last few weeks developing an idea and sent the first part and synopsis off to Alan Spink last week - yes, we share an editor! Great, isn't he?
White I wait for further news, it's back to work on the next draft of a novel - a supernatural mystery set in the coast during the 1970s. A lot if work to do!
Hope you're own novel is going well

Marguerite said...

Happy Anniversary, Patsy! It has been a glorious day here so hopefully you can enjoy the sun as well.
It seems as though I am unlikely to break through the magazine market although I have three out at the moment. NOT a time for newbies :( Doesn't stop me having a go - not to be defeated!

ados123 said...

Happy Anniversary, Patsy.
I sold another story to TPF last week. I'm working on a long read - cosy crime - for them at the moment. I really should have a go at a serial for them, a step towards writing novels eventually since the short market is shrinking.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Patsy and your Mr! Well done on your mag sales. I think I'm in TAB Fiction Special with you this month, and I've another one sometime soon - good selling to them while it lasted wasn't it? On Take A Break I've just found out I had a story in their TAB Monthly Special April Edition, Issue TSS04 - But He's Not loopy, I called it, by Kate Hogan. I never picked up the mag as I didn't know I was in it, and as it was lockdown I never went the shops anyway. Be great if someone out there in Womagland has a copy that they could scan the story and front cover for me - though I know not many of us buy the Specials. Thanks. All good wishes. Kate Hogan

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Patsy and your Mr! Well done on your mag sales. I think I'm in TAB Fiction Special with you this month, and I've another one sometime soon - good selling to them while it lasted wasn't it? On Take A Break I've just found out I had a story in their TAB Monthly Special April Edition, Issue TSS04 - But He's Not loopy, I called it, by Kate Hogan. I never picked up the mag as I didn't know I was in it, and as it was lockdown I never went the shops anyway. Be great if someone out there in Womagland has a copy that they could scan the story and front cover for me - though I know not many of us buy the Specials. Thanks. All good wishes. Kate Hogan

lionsshare said...

Congratulations Patsy on your anniversary and well done Charlie on your sale - the first one's always so special. I picked up a copy of Yours Fiction from WHSmiths a couple of days ago. I haven't been able to find it before, and looked for your name - then I saw it was the June edition. Not sure how often they publish but August must be the next one out. I really liked it and it's great to have another fiction mag, although I haven't heard anything back from the story I sent a couple of months ago. Linda

Patsy said...

@ Chris – I've tried asking for clarification on various issues regarding WW, but all my emails are ignored. This has happened to others too. I find it concerning that they don't want to keep writers well informed.

@ Mandy – I don't know, but prior to the cuts I was told (by writers, not WW) that it was £100, so presumably it's now less than that.

@ Sharon – Asking perfectly reasonable questions shouldn't feel like you're hassling anyone, should it?

@ Liz – Thank you. Yes, that's exactly how happy we are!

@ Charlie – I hope it's the start of something for you too! (If you'd like to do a guest post on your experience of getting published in this market, please email me.)

@ Lynn – Best of look with both writing projects.

Yes, Alan is great – helpful and encouraging feedback, and he seems to be genuinely pleased to say 'yes' and sorry when it's a 'no'.

@ Marguerite – When I started trying to get published in Womags (about 18 years ago) I was told it was a bad time for newbies as several markets had closed. Sadly the situation has since got worse. There's still some hope though.

@ Alyson – Good luck with the long read, and the serial if you try that. So far I've not attempted either, but that's only because I've not come up with a suitable idea, not because I don't want to.

@ Kate – Congratulations on those publications. Yes, it was great while it lasted.

Sorry, I don't have that magazine. It's not on Press Reader – is it on Readly?

@ Linda – It's great that Yours fiction is available in some shops. Often the magazines containing fiction are very hard to find, meaning new readers are unlikely to discover them.

Chris C said...

Congratulations Patsy! Hope you had a lovely day. I m waiting to hear when my very first story with PF will be in print. Hopefully in next couple of months, so excited about that! I had a lovely rejection email from Irelands Own. Sounds like they have plenty of stories already lined up for some time to come. I ve posted 3 or 4 to Yours fiction in last couple of months but not had any replies so far. It's hard to know how many to keep sending in when you don t get any feedback to advise if you are on the right track so to speak!

Anonymous said...

Patsy, I bought your book A Year Of Ideas at the start of this year and I'm delighted to report my first success arising from one of your prompts. In case a lot of people were using the book starting from the front,and might come up with similar responses, I decided to start from the back. My copy has now much more than paid for itself. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, and best wishes from Eirin Thompson

Chris Sutton said...

Well done, Eirin, congratulations on the sale.

lionsshare said...

On a slightly different theme : I have been noticing lately that My Weekly are mainly using stories by published (book) authors - leaving just the one pagers for their other contributors and even they are sometimes by well known authors. If this is a new policy then it is squeezing out womag writers even more and a bit disappointing to be honest. Maybe they could let us know if there is any point in writing longer fiction for them. Thanks Linda

Patsy said...

@ Chris – PF will let you know when your story is about to be published. There can sometimes be quite a wait, but it's generally within a few months of acceptance.

Yours Fiction don't send replies, unless it's an acceptance. I do understand that editors are short of time, but it's very dispiriting to send stories and never hear anything back.

@ Eirin – Ooooh, that's excellent news. Congratulations! As you've found it useful, I'd really appreciate it if you could leave a review on Amazon, if you haven't already.

@ Lionshare – Yes, I noticed that too. I've asked for updated guidelines, but haven't heard back yet.

lionsshare said...

Perhaps the authors write for free in exchange for promoting their book as certain authors do seem to be getting a lot of promotion! Or maybe I'm just being cynical? Also, perhaps Yours could adopt a system like other mags do that if you haven't heard back in, say, 4 months it's a 'no'?

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Happy anniversary to you and Gary, Patsy! I was delighted to have another story accepted by People's Friend and one published in Yours Fiction. Have been writing novels for so many years now that I only do occasional short stories - maybe need to write more! I've signed up for your newsletter.

Penny A said...

Congratulations on the anniversary and the publications, Patsy! I shall look out for your next.
I've one in this week (with a title and some names changed - usually for the better, I always think!). Still working on the next serial, and doing my best to love the editing it badly needs.
Will sign up for the newsletter...

Niddy said...

Bit late on the congratuations, Patsy but hope you and Garry had a great day. I had two acceptances within 7 days to two different mags which is a first for me. Have been concentrating on my current Pocket Novel which is nearly finished then I need to get back and do some short stories and I've nothing out there at the moment.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Many congrats on your anniversary, Patsy.
I too, have noticed that for quite a while now, MW have given their 2 regular longer fiction slots to novelists instead of allocating them to their regular writers.
This is actively making the womag market narrower.
The thing is, if novelists wanted to be womag writers, they would be - but they not! They're novelists.
Why ask them to write story for MW, when MW have a list of willing, highly talented writers who can do that already?
The glossy monthlies also give their fiction slots over to novelists, so I wonder why the weekly markets have to do take this up, too?

lionsshare said...

Well said, Sharon, I agree. Times are tough enough for womag writers and it seems that these slots have been closed down for their regular writers without anything being said. It would be fairer for them to disclose the new policy (if there is one) so that writers don't needlessly waste their time and effort writing longer stories. That said, over the years, I've always found the editorial team at MW to be very helpful and lovely. Such a shame!

Liz said...

I have nothing to report this month. I have a heap of submissions with People's Friend, so hope to hear news whether good or bad at some stage. I'm planning to submit a couple more stories to them before the end of July.

carrie said...

Huge contracts on your anniversary, Patsy. Lovely pic.
I agree with Sharon and Lionsshare; I've noticed the last few weeks that MW are featuring novelists. The Womag writer market is small enough...if there is a new policy it would be nice to know.
It feels as though things have been very quiet of late. I'm writing, and sending off subs, but not hearing back. Really hoping that things pick up.
Congrats to all who have had acceptances - and keep going if you haven't. Persistence is key.

Patsy said...

@ Lionshare – I don't know if that's what's happening at MW, but giving away the short story in exchange for book promotion does seem fairly common.

@ Rosemary – I'm going to be concentrating more on novels now, but like you I won't be giving up short stories completely.

@ Penny – I'm glad you're happy with any changes they make. I prefer it when editors keep my original title, but realise they have reasons when they make changes.

@ Niddy – Double congratulations on those sales.

@ Sharon – It does seem kind of odd to assume novelists write short stories and that these are the best way to promote a book.

@ Liz – Patience is needed with TPF at the moment, but I'm sure you will eventually get replies.

@ Carrie – I agree that if they're not going to accept certain lengths of short stories from their regular writers, it would be helpful to explain the situation.

Liz said...

Following on from my comment above, I was stoked to receive an acceptance from People's Friend yesterday. It made my week. :)

Patsy said...

@ Liz– That's wonderful. Congratulations.