Locating magazine guidelines

Many of my regular posts contain information on submitting fiction to magazines (find them all here). It's also worth reading the comments, as some people kindly share their own experiences which can be very helpful.

In order to view the guidelines for any magazine featured on Womagwriter, scroll down the page until you see 'magazine guidelines - quick links' in the right hand column, and click on the title you're interested in. 

You can opt to see relevant posts in date order, which should help ensure you're looking at the latest information. Don't forgot to read the comments too, if there are any, as these my provide further information and updates.

You can also use the 'search this blog' facility and look for 'guidelines' or anything else you're interested in.

Alternatively, find any post mentioning the magazine (or subject) you're interested in and click on the link below the post. That will bring up all posts with the same tag.

You may also find the guidelines database useful, as that has brief details for each magazine, plus useful links.

If you find any of my posts helpful, PLEASE do leave a comment. Comments show editors, publishers and competition organisers that the blog is read. That encourages them to share information with me and therefore allows me to make the blog more useful to everyone.


Alice said...

Thank you. This was a helpful post.

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Thanks this is useful.