Patsy's periodic prompts

I'll be posting up occasional story prompt posts. These will include a random photo from me and written contributions from my writing friends. These could be poems, short descriptive passages, a list of random words, line of dialogue ...

I've already been sent quite a few - thank you!

Anything submitted must be your own work for which you hold copyright and please be aware that having it posted on the blog may reduce your chances of having it published elsewhere. Please email submissions to patsycollins53 (at) and include a photo of yourself (optional, but it would be nice) a link to your blog or website if you'd like it to be included - and please make it clear which name you wish to be credited under. I don't guarantee I'll use everything sent, but will do my best to include as many as possible. There's likely to be quite a wait until it's used.

There is no payment – sorry.

If I've set it up correctly, this link will take you to all the prompts, so you can find them when you want them.

If you write a story based on any of these prompts, please let me know - especially if it gets accepted for a womag.

Other possible sources of inspiration –

From Story Idea to Reader contains '101 sources of writing ideas' and lots of advice on both generating ideas and turning them into stories.

My other blog Words about writing and writing about words, features the Wednesday word of the week, plus regular links to free to enter writing competitions (competition prompts and themes can still be used even if you don't intend to enter)

NAWG's Story Ideas Generator

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