Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Write to be Published

Details here of how to pre-order Nicola Morgan's must-have book which comes out on 1st June. Order directly from her to get a signed copy and enter a draw to win a Crabbit bag which is the season's top accessory for writers everywhere.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Life is just one long holiday...

The sun shone for the ENTIRE WEEK we were in the Lake District which is some kind of world record. I went equipped for cold, wet weather - packed thermals, fleeces, waterproofs, woolly hats, the lot. Not a single short-sleeved t-shirt, or pair of shorts or sunhat.

Ah well, who cares, I pushed up my sleeves and made a hat out of a buff. We had a great time, climbed lots of peaks including Scafell Pike (England's highest mountain), Skiddaw and the range which flanks Buttermere lake.

Here's my son on High Stile contemplating the view.

THANK YOU ALL for your marvellous suggestions on the last post for new markets for stories and fillers. Lots there for me to follow up, and if I get more details I'll post them up.

Meanwhile, although I'm working this week (all 3 days of it! Isn't it great?!) we're off on another holiday on Friday. My lovely Irish hubby decided he'd rather vacate the country than sit and watch a royal wedding, so we're off to Ireland to stay with his sister and escape the wedding fever. (I might have to barricade myself into my sister-in-law's living room to catch the wedding highlights, though.)

Moody shot of Derwentwater:

See you all next week! Enjoy the bank holidays!

Friday, 15 April 2011

We need more markets!

I think we all need a bit of a pick-me-up after the sad news of the last post.

I am off on holiday tomorrow (to the Lake District). While I'm away, can I give you all some homework?

How about everyone posts a comment on this thread about a market they know about which isn't already covered here. Ideally a paying, print fiction market (in any country), but I'd also welcome news of other markets, eg for fillers, online markets, anything, really!

If you don't know of any, how about going to your local newsagent and picking up a magazine you don't normally buy, then post here about any opportunities for writers within it. Even if all you find is a readers' letters page!

I often get comments about how useful this blog is, and how generous it is to share so much useful information. Well, now it's your turn!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Have we lost another market?

I've had an email suggesting that the Australian magazine Woman's Day is closing its doors to fiction submissions. (Thanks to Fran for passing this on.)

Has anyone heard anything more? Can't believe we are losing another market. It seems as though soon only the magazines which have traditionally specialised in fiction (Woman's Weekly, Take A Break, My Weekly, People's Friend, Australian That's Life) will be left.

Edited 15/4/11 - sounds like the fiction editor Julie Redlich is retiring and Woman's Day is dropping fiction. They will use any stories already accepted, but don't send any more.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

How to sell books and lose money

I first came across Linen Press last year, after reading about it on Sally Z's blog. The four titles published at the time sounded interesting so I bought two (Breeze from the River Manjeera and The Missing) and loved them both. Three more titles have just been published -I've bought two of them and have just finished reading one - White Lies - which blew me away. (Brief reviews of all are on my little books blog - click on the books link over there -> )

I've written on this blog before how shocked I was to hear that small publishers such as Linen Press might actually make a loss on every book they sell through Amazon, because Amazon take such a big percentage of the price of every book sold, regardless of who the publisher is or how many copies of the book have been sold.

Lynn Michell, the one-woman-band behind Linen Press, has written a piece for the Guardian Books Blog about this, which is well worth reading. Amazon are so convenient - they make shopping for books so cheap and easy - but they're killing not only your local independent bookstores but also small independent publishers.

I bet many of this blog's readers have written/are writing/would like to write novels. It is the small publishers who are most likely to take a punt on a first-time unknown writer. Novelists need small publishers and local bookstores, so I believe we have a duty to support them.

Please, read Lynn's piece in the Guardian, have a look at the Linen Press website, and consider buying one or more of their books - but not from Amazon! (Lynn has priced books and postage on her website such that the overall cost will be the same as buying from Amazon.)