Tuesday 18 June 2019

Over to you

This month's discussion topic – When do you write seasonal stories? Have you submitted any Christmas ones yet?

Here's another monthly random photo for use as a story prompt. 

Please share success (or otherwise!) report any womag news, tips, advice you may have, make womag related comments or observations and ask questions – and answer them too if you can help.

 (If you have news or a question relating to a particular magazine, it's also fine to add it as a comment to the latest post for that magazine.)

Sunday 9 June 2019

Magazines which accept unsolicited submissions and My Weekly

I have a story in the current issue of My Weekly.  This magazine is currently only open to fiction submissions from those 'already known' to them. If you're on the list you'll get regular emails listing their current requirements. 

If you're not on the list you may still submit letters and tips (£25 is paid for each one published, except the star letter which earns £50.) 
You can also submit non-fiction and pocket novels. Success with either of these two would mean you could be added to the list if you wished.

Some magazines will consider submissions from anyone, whether or not they've been previously published. Currently these are –

Woman's World
Love Sunday (non paying)
Woman's Weekly (take all rights)
Yours (take all rights)
Ireland's Own
The Weekly News
Prima (take all rights)
The People's Friend
Spirit and Destiny (take all rights)

And now, a word from our sponsor ... My delightful romance, Escape To The Country, is currently reduced the 99p (99c) for the Kindle version. A paperback is available for £7.50 or can be borrowed from some libraries.

Sunday 2 June 2019


I have another story in Allers magazine. This publication, available in Norway and Finland, is a sister magazine to Allas in Sweden. The stories of mine which have appeared are reprints of those previously used in Allas (allowable under their contract).

Perhaps coincidentally they've each been published after a two year interval – using the same illustration. This time I was sent a complimentary copy – that hasn't happened before.

Have you had a story published in Allers? (That you know of – they didn't notify me about mine.)

If so was it previously published in Allas? Did you receive a copy?

Have you ever submitted to them directly?