How this blog works

This blog is intended to be a useful and encouraging resource and community for writers. New posts appear on alternate Saturdays. I travel quite a lot, so the amount of content varies, but there will usually be several links to free to enter writing competitions, news from the world of womag writing and other writing news and publication opportunities. 

There is also a guidelines submissions database which contains all the information I have for submitting to women's magazines.

As you may be able to imagine, researching the markets and competitions, compiling the posts, and replying to comments and questions, when I can, takes time. More time than I'm now able to spend, especially while travelling. For this reason, I need the help of readers to keep this blog going.

The ways you can help are ...

... Comment on the posts, replying to my questions and those of other blog readers, and passing on links, information, tips etc. These comments may be added to future posts (with credit) to make them more visible.

.... Comment on the posts to encourage and support other writers – perhaps even make friends.

.... Comment on the blog to indicate how widely it's read. If editors, competition organisers etc see that it's popular, they're more likely to share information with me - meaning I can pass it on to you.

.... Contact me directly with free entry competition links, updates on womags, or other no cost submission opportunities. You can email me at or contact me via social media. I'm on twitter as @womagwriter If you'd like me to link to your website, blog, social media account or similar, please provide that link at the same time.

.... Write a guest post on any aspect of writing. Please contact me first to check I don't already have something similar in the pipeline. I'll be very happy to link to your website etc and/or include a mention of your new book, but the post must be useful content, not an advert. Guest posts are particularly welcome from those who regularly comment on the blog.

... Refrain from asking me questions other than via blog comments. If you ask through the blog, others may be able to offer help or suggestions, or benefit from the answers. 

... Let others know about the blog, so there are more of us sharing information and experiences.

... Read my books. OK, that won't actually help the blog, but it will make me happy. You can buy them through Amazon and other online retailers, order through bookshops and libraries, read via kindle unlimited, or download this short free one

Please note – Everything on this blog is the copyright of the person who wrote it (or took the photo). Please don't use anything without the copyright holder's permission. If you wish to share the information, you may do so by providing a link to the whole blog or appropriate page or post.

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