Monday 23 September 2013

Timeline Tool

A short guest post from Wendy Clarke introducing her new, improved writers' timeline tool:

You may remember last December, I told you all here on this lovely blog about a free resource my husband had created to help you with your planning: Wendy's Story Timeline.

I wanted to let you know that my lovely husband has been at it again!

Whilst using the timeline for one of my stories, I came across a problem. I knew that I wanted my character to be age 18 at the beginning of WW1 (1914) but unless I used my fingers (I'm not too good at mental arithmetic) I had no idea in which year she would have been born, in order to place her on my timeline.

 'I'll sort it,' said my husband and he set aside a Sunday to solve the problem for me (and you).

He has created a new version of the timeline to include a fantastically useful 'Date of Birth Calculator'. You can put in the year of an event and the age you want your character to be at that time and the birth calculator will tell you in which year they were born. You then add the character's year of birth into the timeline and - hey presto - you have all the information you need for your story.

The new timeline can be downloaded from my writing blog for free. Once again I would just ask that you leave a comment or give me a mention if you use it or share it.

I hope you all find it useful.

Thanks Wendy! Here's the link