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Updated January 2020

Here's how to search for information on this blog.

I'd welcome your help in keeping this blog lively, useful and up-to-date with the world of womag fiction - and non-fiction. Please send me any news directly related to women's magazine market. I'll credit anyone who sends anything I use.  Don't forget to include a link to your own blog, fb page etc if you'd like that shown.

I also want to hear your own news - if you've sold your first story or have a thought or question my other blog readers might be interested in, I'll probably be happy to host a guest post. Short guest posts about article and filler writing, or providing writing prompts are also welcome.

Feel free to ask womag related questions (as comments to blog posts or in guest posts, please - not via email or Facebook. I get lots of questions that way, often asking similar things, so would much prefer to answer them on the blog where others will also see my response. You can do this either as a comment on any posting about the magazine in question, or on the monthly 'Your Go' post) Although I don't guarantee I'll be able to answer every questions, I'll try to help.  This book is a great source of writing advice which I strongly recommend – and I'm hardly biased at all!

If you'd like to do a guest post, please email me first (mainly to check I don't already have something on a similar topic scheduled). When you submit the post, I'll require the text either in the body of the email or as an attached .doc or .ODT and for images to be as attached JPEGS. Please also supply any relevent links.

Please note I do not work directly for any magazine mentioned on this blog. I do not accept short stories and do not offer feedback on your work. I sometimes give talks or run workshops. (You can check on my website for events I'll be participating in.)

You can contact me at patsycollins53 (at) yahoo.com but please read the section in purple first and please don't ask me for information which is already available in this blog. Here's how you can search for information.

If you'd like to learn more about me and my writing, then please visit my website or follow me on social media. I use Twitter and Facebook.