Saturday 22 April 2023

From You

A quick note about some of the things which came up as a result of last week's post.

Thanks to Rosemary Gemmel for this – 

The Fiction Desk's latest short story comp ends on May 31st:

The Writer's Forum have published their final issue – thanks to Sharon Bee for letting us know.

Abbie from The People's Friend has taken voluntary redundancy and her authors have now been split amongst those who remain. If that's you, you should have been notified by now.

From Me

I'll have another short story collection out soon.

(The photos are from our recent trip to RHS Wisley)

Saturday 15 April 2023

Over To You


Do you have any womag news?

Any market news? Are you researching, writing, subbing? Had any acceptances or rejections? Still waiting to hear back on outstanding submissions? Do you have a question? Can you offer tips or encouragement to other writers?

Any other writing related news, questions and comments are also welcome.

Feel free to use these photos as picture prompts. If you'd like written writing prompts, short exercises and story/scene suggestions then you might find this book useful.

Don't forget to check the submissions database for details of which magazines publish fiction under what terms, and how to submit.

Other markets news

Anyone write fantasy short stories? If so, you may be interested in this call for submissions. Payment is £25, or possibly £50.

Free entry competition news

Here's a competition for micro fiction, which offers a €750 prize.

This competition has a prize of £1,000. It's for detective fiction between 15,000 and 20,000 words. No fat shaming allowed (why would anyone do that?)

Thanks to Fiona for passing on this –
This year's Love the Words competition is open and your entry (or further
entry) is warmly encouraged!

As ever, the comp is free to enter, and is part of International Dylan
Thomas Day. Any age of writer may take part, and there are some wonderful
book prizes for winners courtesy of Parthian Books and Infinity Books UK.

This year's theme is 'dream', inspired by Thomas's Under Milk Wood, the
famous 'play for voices' which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

Find out more about the competition and how to enter:

Thank you to everyone for your comments. As well as allowing us all to share information, help and encourage each other, comments also show editors, competition organisers and others that the blog is read and will therefore be more likely to provide information for me to share with you.

Saturday 1 April 2023

Free entry competitions and womag news


As it's the first of April I'm very tempted to make up some writing news to fool you - but I'll probably resist ...

Free entry writing competition news.

Thanks to Alyson for sending the link to this climate related short story competition. (If it still says it's closed ignore that as it applies to last year.) There's a $3,000 first prize, you have between 3,000 and 5,000 words and until June to get it done. The weather should be better by then! 

Thanks to Vivienne Moles for these two -

This is from the Evening Standard closing date 12th April inviting entries on the theme of belonging - 1000 words/2 minutes.

Fictionette are running some free entry competitions and also accepting submissions. However they've had to drop Lipstick & Lies due to a very poor response.

Vivienne also tells me that Secret Attic has a new owner - Jason Darrell - who at the moment is honouring existing members but there will be a fee for new members. They have more competitions coming out: 

Here's a playwriting competition with a £10,000 prize.

The organisers of this competition sent me the following email – "On this occasion you can participate by sending THREE stories per author instead of the usual two, and remember that the theme is FREE CHOICE.
The contest will be open for the reception of micro-stories until September 30, and the participation form can be accessed from the foundation's website and the regulatory bases can be consulted. Any questions that may arise in this regard can be sent to info@fundacioncesaregidoserrano .com
The endowment of the first prize —20,000 dollars to the winning story— makes it the best endowed contest per word in the world, in which three second prizes of 2,000 dollars each are awarded, for the best stories in each of the admitted languages. in the contest, and that have not been winners of the absolute prize. In addition to Spanish, micro-stories may be presented in English, Arabic and Hebrew."

Here's a poetry contest with a $500 prize.

The Sophie Coe prize offers £1,500 for an informative article or essay on food history.

Womag news

I received an auto response for a recent submission to TAB's Fiction Feast and noticed it mentioned they aim to give a decision within 12 weeks. That's usually my experience, but a few of mine have been out for longer, so I emailed to ask if that meant those were no longer under consideration. 

She responded to say she does aim to make a decision within 12 weeks, but if we don’t receive a decision within that time the story is still on the list for consideration. She’s happy for us to remove any from the list as long as we let her know. 

This week Alice accepted a summer holidays story from me, so I'm guessing she'll be looking for mid to late summer stories next.

If you currently have any stories under consideration with The People's Friend, you might find this post from Fiction editor Lucy of interest.

I've heard that Abbie, one of The People's Friend fiction team, has accepted voluntary redundancy and would like to wish her well for the future. I've not worked with her personally but I know those who have will miss her.

My news

I've finished the second draft of my next crime novel – Disguised Murder In Little Mallow.  There's lots more work to do, but I like to celebrate each milestone along the way.