Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How To books and a new online magazine

Compass Books are releasing a couple of new titles of interest to writers:  Fiction - the Art and Craft by Colin Bulman, a retired university creative writing lecturer; and Creating Meaningful Dialogue by Suzanne Ruthven who has written or ghosted many books as well as having been editor of The New Writer. I don't know about you, but every now and again I feel the need to read a how to book. I learn something new from every one, and some of them are so inspiring they leave me buzzing. There is always more to learn about this writing lark!

Kishboo is a new electronic quarterly magazine, which you can read online, on an Android phone or on a Kindle. It will run a rolling short story competition, for stories up to 2000 words. Entry fee £3, and top prize £50 each quarter. Owners Sharon and Keith are preparing the first, Winter 2014, edition now, so to be in at the start do go and look at the website! As well as the competition there are opportunities for article writers and quiz compilers - they need plenty to fill each issue.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

A course and a competition

Helen Hunt (who's now happily married but I believe she is keeping her author name as Hunt) is running a one day workshop on writing short stories. She's published hundreds and really knows her stuff, and she's also one of the loveliest writers I know, so this is definitely one to consider. Details here. Course is in Manchester on 20th September, so one for you northerners, perhaps. Discount for early bookings!

For the novel writers amongst you, here's a new competition with a big prize. The judge is a literary agent so this could be a great way to get your foot in the door. £1000 prize, deadline 2nd November, and they want 20 pages and a 200 word synopsis. Good luck to all who enter!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Weekly News - submissions

With thanks to Alan and Patsy who forwarded this to me. Many of you who regularly submit to The Weekly News will already have seen this email, but for the rest of you, and because I am often asked for advice on whether to chase or not - I will reproduce Jill's email here. Hope she doesn't mind but it'll get the word out!

Owing to a fair amount of enquiries about stories previously sent to me, I've decided to send an email to everyone who's submitted in order to make sure any loose ends are tied up.
Obviously, it is a broad sweep and I'm not necessarily a fan of standard emails, but in the circumstances, I think this works best.
So, if you have sent me any stories between June, 2013 and the end of June, 2014 and haven't heard from me about an acceptance, then please take this as a non-acceptance of your story and feel free to submit elsewhere.
For anything sent from April, 2014 onwards, there is a now a 12-week turnaround. If your story is to be accepted for publication, you'll hear from me within 12 weeks of submission. If you haven't heard within that timeframe, again, please take this a non-acceptance, leaving you free to submit elsewhere.
I am aware this is a million miles away from the sort of responses I sent when I first started, but time constraints and other aspects of my job meant I only have 3.5 hours each week to devote to fiction in its entirety and I have to streamline things to make sure people aren't waiting around as many are right now.
I hope it means things move a lot more smoothly and quickly.
Many thanks for your patience and loyalty to The Weekly News - it's very much appreciated.
Jill Finlay,
The Weekly News.

This is really helpful - we now all know where we stand now. Although it's wonderful to get personal responses even when it's a 'no', with only 3.5 hours a week to spend on fiction it's perfectly understandable that can no longer be done.