Monday, 22 September 2014

Publication day!

I'm having a wonderful day today - it's publication day for my first full length novel, The Emerald Comb. Lots of lovely friends have been spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter, and this evening I've finally had some time to sit down and update my own blogs with the news.

I'll keep most of the news about it over on so please go there for more details and links to guest posts, author interviews and reviews of the book. Or 'like' my author facebook page which will also be kept up to date.

Meanwhile, here's the blurb for it - hope it appeals to you! If you read it and enjoy it, please do leave an Amazon and/or Goodreads review. I'd really appreciate it!

Some secrets are best left buried...
Researching her family tree had been little more than a hobby – until Katie stepped onto Kingsley House’s sprawling, ivy-strewn drive. The house may be crumbling today, but it was once the intimidatingly opulent residence of the St Clairs, Katie’s ancestors. Arriving here two hundred years later, emotion stirs in Katie: a strange nostalgia for a place she’s never seen before... and when Kingsley House comes up for sale, Katie is determined that her family must buy it.
Surrounded by the mysteries of the past, Katie’s pastime becomes a darker obsession, as she searches through history to trace her heritage. But she soon discovers that these walls house terrible secrets. And when forgotten stories and hidden betrayals come to light, the past seems more alive than Katie could ever have imagined.
Moving between the 21st and 19th centuries, The Emerald Comb is a hauntingly evocative novel, perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Rachel Hore.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Quick post about a fab offer

A little bird told me (well actually, a tall and rather glamorous bird told me) that Della Galton's fabulous Novel Writer's Toolshed ebook will be on promotion at just 99p from tomorrow (Friday).

If you haven't already read this one, it is well worth getting even if you don't intend trying to write a novel. It covers the differences between short stories and novels and whatever you write, it's essential to understand what works and what doesn't for your chosen length. Della herself reckons this is the best of the how-to books she's written. I think they are all excellent!

And if you are thinking about writing longer fiction, People's Friend are desperate for longer (4000 words) stories. Woman's Weekly are on the lookout for serials (10,000 or 13,000 words, in 3 or 4 parts). My Weekly and DC Thomson are always wanting more pocket novels. There are opportunities everywhere for all lengths. Della's little book might just help you get started.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Delighted to announce that my book The Emerald Comb is now available for pre-order! Publication date is still over a week away and it is kind of hard waiting for it to come around.

Meanwhile, my friend Peter Jones who I've featured on this blog before (How To Do Everything And Be Happy) has published a novel, The Good Guy's Guide to Getting the Girl. It's a humorous tale of a bloke trying to find a girlfriend, and it's due to be on promotion at just 99p from tomorrow! I heard the first chapter of this book a few years back and have been waiting and waiting for Peter to get round to publishing it ever since. Finally he has, it's on my Kindle and I'll be reading it next.

One problem with being a writer is that I know a lot of other writers, and they all write darn good books. I am struggling to keep up with reading everyone's output! But I wouldn't have it any other way. Keep it up, everyone!

Friday, 5 September 2014


I heard on the grapevine that Woman's Weekly are urgently looking for stories of all lengths. They don't want issue-led - go for something quirky instead. Unusual structures work well for them.

Also, that same grapevine whispered in my ear that People's Friend need more longer stories - 4000 words. Here's a little insight into what kind of stories the Friend accepts.

Feeling blocked? How about a course in which you'll write a short story in a day? Taught by the fabulous Helen Walters. Here are the details.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Australian That's Life guidelines updated

Submission guidelines for Australian That's Life Fast Fiction have been updated and are available here

An important thing to note is that they will no longer take second rights, so you can only send them stories which are unpublished or have never been published in an English-speaking country. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Not long now...

... till publication date for my first full length novel! The Emerald Comb will be published as an ebook by Carina UK on 22nd September. Don't worry, I will remind you all when it's available!

Here's the cover, which I know many of you have already seen on facebook, twitter or my other blog, but for those who haven't - hope you like it!