Thursday, 18 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

A quick post to wish all blog readers a very merry Christmas. I'm off on our annual ski holiday next week - a week off from the day job and the writing job, and this year I really feel as though I need it.

I'll be back renewed and rejuvenated (and in one piece, I hope) and ready to set next year's writing resolutions. If you think you might need some help finding time to write in 2015, do consider ordering my little book, Give Up Ironing, to help you! It will be released on 1st January, just in time to help you hit the ground running next year.

So, whatever you're doing, have a fabulous time and may Santa bring you everything you hoped for!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Catching up

Eek, nearly a month since the last update! What HAVE I been doing?

Well. A couple of things, really.
Firstly, a fairly major editing job on my next novel for my publisher, The Pearl Locket, which is due to be released in February.
Secondly, I've been completing a new non-fiction book, which is now available for pre-order. See below! It will be released on 1st January, just in time to help with your new year resolutions. Price just £1.53 at the moment - but this will go up on 1st January due to the EU VAT regulation changes. So, why not order it now, and it'll be ready for you on 1st January, so you can hit the ground running in 2015 and achieve loads!

Order from 

Order from

If you enjoyed my How To books, you should like this one too, as it's written in the same light-hearted style, but making some serious points.

And now for a couple of other pieces of news as I am woefully behind.

Here's a competition - closing date is next week so you will need to hurry and I am SORRY I did not post about this sooner!
Tethered by Letters' Fall Literary ContestsWe are currently accepting submissions for our short story contest (1,000 to 7,500 words, open genre), flash fiction contest (55, 250, or 500 words), and poetry contest (max of three pages per poem). TBL strives to publish writers with engaging stories, vivid characters, and fresh writing styles. All winners will be published in Tethered by Letters’ Summer 2015 Quarterly Journal. All finalists will receive free professional edits on their submission and be considered for later publication. The prizes are $250 (USDA) for the short story winner, $50 (USDA) for the flash fiction winner, and $100 (USDA) for the poetry winner. Winners will be announced publicly in November. Multiple entries accepted. International submissions welcome. Good luck to all our authors! Deadline: December 15, 2014
Prize: $250 for Short Story, $50 for Flash Fiction, $100 for Poetry
Entry Fee: $10 per Short Story; $4 per Flash Fiction OR $10 for three Flash Fictions; $5 per poem OR $12 for three poems
Contact Info: Joe Reinis,

News from Kishboo magazine:
KISHBOO e-magazine is looking for volunteer article writers.
You can promote your kindle book/paper book/ blog/website in your article.
We also require volunteer book reviewers too.
We welcome reviews of kindle books and non- fiction books. (The non- fiction books must be about writing please).
1,000 words max please for both articles and reviews.
Please feel free to include images of your books, photos of yourself, links to your blog/ website ect.
KISHBOO is published on 3 digital formats – FREE on a website, FREE on an android app and on kindle. (77p)
KISHBOO holds an ongoing short story competition. £3 to enter. Readers decide on the winner and runner- up.
Kind Regards
Sharon, the editor.
KISHBOO e- magazine.
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