Friday, 9 October 2015

Prima magazine

Prima magazine have a regular fiction slot. It's in the form of a monthly competition with a £100 prize, plus publication. Entries of not more than 800 words should be emailed to

There are terms and conditions, including the possibility of losing your copyright, so I strongly suggest getting hold of a copy of the magazine and checking you're happy with them before submitting. (I haven't been able to find these details online - if anyone does, please let me kow and I'll add in a link)

The picture isn't relevant; I just thought the post looked naked without one.


Clair Humphries said...

Thanks for this, Patsy - I don't suppose you know what type of thing they prefer? For example, romance or humour or similar? I'll read some copies myself, just wondered if you had any insider info!

Dolores Doolittle said...

Thank you Patsy. 800 words is interesting in its not-overwhelmingness, and Prima is lovely. And Splendid picture!

Anonymous said...

They used to like dramatic real life, but made into a fiction type story, Clair. That put me off having a go. Like someone overcoming a dreadful illness, or moving to the country and knitting coats for chickens, type of thing. I must have a go if I can think of anything relevant. Thanks, Patsy for the reminder, it's worth a go.

ados said...

@Clair Humphries. I had a story in Prima last Christmas. I can tell you it was humorous romance if that makes sense.
As far as I can tell they like modern/current setting. Snappy dialogue and reasonably fast paced (well the word count does that).
Hope this helps.

Clair Humphries said...

Thank you, Susan and Alyson. I can manage humour/romance but not sure about knitting coats for chickens! Will see what I can come up with - really appreciate your input :-)

Rosemary Johnson said...

Well done, Prima. Get your 800 words going, ladies and gentlemen!

wannabe a writer said...


I sent a story to Prima a while ago and was delighted in the summer to receive a phone call to say that it had been accepted. This is the first thing I have sent to them, and the first time, believe me, that the first thing I have sent to a magazine has been published, I usually have to go through an excruciating period of rejections before I get any success. The ladies at Prima have been lovely and told me straight away what edition it would be in and have kept me updated with details of payment. I'm very pleased to say that my story is in November's edition which is out now, and I absolutely love the illustration that has been done to accompany it. My story was a twist in the tale which seems to be popular for this magazine if that's any help to anyone.

Good luck.


Patsy said...

Congratulations, Linda!

Good luck to anyone having a go at this competition.