Thursday, 3 March 2016

Bargain book.

Over The Garden Fence is a collection of 24 of my short stories. Some have been published in womags, others are exclusive to the collection.

It's available to download for 99p/99c until 9th March.


  1. When I bought it just now in Australia it cost $3.99. I'm fine with that cost, and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the stories, but do you know why things never cost the advertised bargain price when I buy in Australia? The link always redirects to Amazon Australia and the price is usually (or always, not sure about that) different. I think maybe it's something to do with our copyright laws.

  2. Thank you for buying it, Parlance. Sorry you didn't couldn't get it at the bargain price.

    Amazon only make the deal available on (the US site) and (Or we can opt to just do one or the other) I don't know why that is. They say they have plans to extend it to other areas, but I can't see why it should be more difficult in one country than another - I'm no expert on anything technical though.

    When prices are set on Amazon they are either a fixed price, or can be linked to match the US dollar price and in that case they fluctuate with exchange rates and the author/publisher won't know exactly what the current price is in each place.

    I believe copyright laws are the reason you can't buy an ebook from the US or UK site, rather than your 'local' version. Most authors will be happy for their books to sell anywhere, but they may opt to only sell in some areas and in that case Amazon can't legally offer them elsewhere.

    Not sure if I've clarified or confused!

  3. You've clarified. Thanks.
    I guess I'm in favour of anything that protects the rights of Australian authors to play alongside the big leagues. (Not that our writers are 'little league', it's just that our tiny population might get swamped by all the talent in the countries with larger populations.)
    Looking forward to reading the stories. And thanks for your blog. I enjoy it.


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