Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Finding your way around ...

I've had a couple of people asking where to find certain information on the blog. For every person who asks such a question there are usually a dozen more who were wondering but didn't like to say anything, so here's what I hope is a simple explanation ...

To find all the information and guidelines for a particular magazine, either click on the title in 'labels' under any blog post where it's mentioned or scroll down the page until you see 'magazine guidelines - quick links' on the left and click the title there. You'll get all the posts mentioning that magazine, with the most current at the top. All guidelines have recently been updated, so should be easy to find.

For more reading on the subject of womags, scroll down the page until you see 'blogs and websites of interest to womagwriters' and click on those which sound interesting.

To be featured on the blog, look under 'contact' at the top of the page.

To buy my books click on either 'about Patsy' or 'Patsy Collin's website' at the top of the page. (Well, it was worth a try!)

To ask a question, or to help out by answering them, click on 'Ask a question' at the top of the page. You can also ask, and answer, questions on any post - including this one. (I don't promise to know the answer, but either myself, or another writer, may.)


If you are commenting anonymously PLEASE give yourself a nickname, number or initials. With so many people unwilling to use their own name it gets really confusing if there isn't some way to differentiate between you all.