Wednesday, 6 July 2016


I've had a couple of pleas for help regarding the desknet system used by Woman's Weekly, so thought I'd post up what I know here in case others are struggling.

The first you'll hear is an invitation to register and the option to change the password you'll be sent (all communications are via email). This isn't likely to happen until after you've had your first acceptance with them. There's a link to a video you can watch to tell you what to do and an email address to ask for help if you get stuck.

You'll also be asked to print off, complete, scan and return a bank details form. I don't have a scanner so signed it electronically. You probably won't get any kind of acknowledgement back.

The emails suggest you should submit work through descent. Don't. Do it as you always have.

After a story is accepted, which happens by email from Clare, you'll get an email from desknet asking you to invoice your commissioning editor (that's Maureen). Just send it to her as an email. You'll also be asked to upload the story. There'll be a link on the email and you do it very much like attaching it to an email. Don't try to upload anything direct to Desknet without going through the links on the emails.

You'll then probably get about four emails asking you to submit! I just ignored them.


If in any doubt at all either email the desknet help people, or Maureen. After my go last week, I contacted her to check it had worked and she was able to check the system and confirm the story was uploaded OK.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patsy.

I did eventually manage to do this after my acceptances last month - no thanks to the confusing instructions and emails! It would have helped if sombody from WW had contacted us all so we knew what was going on. When I first got the emails saying to register I thought it was SPAM!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for advice, Patsy. All I need now is a sale! Good wishes Kate Hogan.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this advice, Patsy. I was one of your 'pleas for help.' One of my problems was that I was trying to do this over the weekend when, I presume, no one was working. I presumed (wrongly) that Desknet would all be automatic. So, I would advise people to avoid uploading stories over the weekend. (I received 5 emails asking me to upload the story when I had already done it!!)
Also, in one of her - very helpful - emails, Maureen Street told me there was no need to send an invoice (which I had already done). But, I guess there is no harm in sending one just to be on the safe side.
Hope this helps.

Claire Scott said...

Hi Patsy,

We are happy to see that you are helping your community navigate through the mystifying times which come with introducing a new tool at any company. We are glad to witness such camaraderie!

It is worth mentioning, that the steps and procedures you are describing are linked to a tool which interacts with Desk-Net, but is not Desk-Net - the Editorial Calendar Software. We at Desk-Net focus on developing a user friendly, efficient and flexible tool in the cloud, to promote efficient story planning and coordination processes for editorial departments.
Should you have or members of your community have any questions regarding Desk-Net’s features or settings, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at


Desk-Net GmbH

Patsy said...

Thanks, Claire - I'll post an update.