Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Free editing ebook.

My friend Anne Rainbow has written a book on editing - EDITING the RedPen Way - and it's currently free to download!

I was amongst Anne's first 'RedPenners' (which is why the book is dedicated to me and another writing friend, Enid Reece) and still use this system to help me edit my short stories before submission.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up. Have just downloaded and looking forward to learning how to improve my manuscript!

  2. Aw thanks for that Patsy. Have now downloaded and looking forward to learning lots!

  3. 99p to download this morning (not a member of Kindle Unlimited) but looks to be worth it - practical and methodical how-to tips. Thanks.

  4. Thank you, Patsy. Just what I need!


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