Wednesday, 21 June 2017


It's been suggested that I include a list of magazine ISSNs to refer to when adding work to ALCS; would you find that useful?

As I'm still away in the van, it will take me a while to sort this out – unless some of you can help out by adding some details in the comments. I could later transfer those to a separate page/post.

If you have no idea what I'm going on about, you might want to take a look here and here. If you've sold work (fiction or non-fiction) to UK magazines within the last three years, it's worth your while to put in a claim.


  1. Yes, thank you... a very useful idea, Patsy!

  2. Would be terribly useful! But a lot of work for you? So thanks x

  3. Hi Patsy. Good Idea! Showing how to find it on the magazine would be a good idea, as (I'm not sure if I'm right) the numbers differ slightly depending on issue. They wouldn't pay my ALCS on a couple last year - TAB Specials, as they said the ISSN was wrong! Don't know why or how, given I used the same method as with the other mags. Good wishes KH

  4. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Patsy. I've just requested the application form and will send off asap. Still not entirely sure what it's all about but will have a good read of the information on the ALCS website before my form arrives. Thanks again x

  5. Goodness, Patsy - I had no idea ALCS could be useful for short story writers so thanks for alerting me to that. I assumed you had to sell novels to benefit! I'll make it a priority to join now.

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