Tuesday, 20 March 2018

At the risk ...

... of sounding grumpy ... 

From now on, I'm only going to answer womag qustions which are raised via this blog, and the replies will only be posted here. I get asked quite a lot of questions each week, via email, twitter and Facebook, often asking the same thing, or concerning something I've already posted about. I want to help, but answering takes up time and is only seen by the individual. Any questions posted here will be seen by others, who may be able to contribute useful information and/or may benefit from the replies.

You can ask questions, anonymously if you wish, either as a comment on any posting about the magazine in question, or on the monthly 'Your Go' post. Although I can't guarantee I'll be able to answer every questions, I'll always try to help.

Yesterday morning, I put up just such a post, inviting questions and comments. Following that I had five questions/suggestions – none of which were posted on the blog. I've had two more today. I'm finding this situation frustrating ... and yes, it is making me slightly grumpy.

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  1. This is a very generous offer and I'm going to make use of this opportunity. My question is here is a magazine (or type of magazine) you would recommend that a newcomer tries first (having done her research, bought copies etc)? I would also like to mention your blog on mine if you're happy for me to spread the word....

  2. @ Bridget – Assuming they take unsolicited stories, I'd submit to the magazine which has the stories which most closely match the type of thing you'd most like to write, or are already writing. It's possible to learn to adapt your style, but doing that is an extra step which you probably don't need when you're just starting out.

    Competition is fierce withh all the magazines, but many editors are keen to publish new writers, so there is the possibility of success.

    I'm very happy for you, or anyone else, to mention this blog and/or post a link to it.

  3. Patsy, could you try to find out the definitive answer to what's going on at TAB please?

  4. @ Anonymous – I can try.

  5. Oh, yes. please Patsy, re TAB. Would love to resubmit to them. Missed the cut off (whatever it was) - having three stories with them in the past.

    And thanks for the open forum!


  6. Like Bridget,I'm new to submitting stories to magazines, and have so far received only rejections. I'm determined to persevere, but would be interested to know about other writers' experiences. How many stories did you submit before you got one published, are any magazines more friendly to new writers than others, etc, etc?
    New girl on the block


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